How to Publish a Story Book

Publishing a story book

It' s extremely difficult to place self-published books in bookstores, making it even harder to make money. Story-to-Lathe is a full-service book publisher for independent authors. We provide editing, design, publication and marketing of fiction and non-fiction. And secondly, I didn't just want to read stories I'd already written. Post your stories, sell your art and connect with the fans.

To publish your child's book

At the age of 7, my little girl became a widely publicized writer. So I used a book publisher named Blurb to publish her story as a soft cover book. Making the book was simple. And she made a story and made some drawings. It was $10.95 for an 8 x 8 inch monochrome 20-page soft cover book.

It would have cost me more for a colour or hard cover of the book and I could have bought less - as little as $3.95 for a 5 x 8-inch soft cover. When you want to make your own story book with your kid, here is the procedure. If you are a younger person, have them paint their book as a set of paintings.

They' ll be able to tell you the story. Elderly kids should begin with the story and then choose which scene they want to portray. You should make your drawing on a piece of hard copy of the same form and slightly bigger than the book you intend to order. A higher preference will take longer and you won't see any differences in the results - just a bigger one.

Make a children's book with Shutterfly, Snapfish, SeeHere and other share pages. Also, there are more book-centric pages like Blurb that have more storybook-oriented artwork. With Blurb you can also make your book off-line, which I think is quicker than the on-line book-layouts. When you have looked at the number of words during the story and illustrations phases, the book is fast and simple to use.

You select your page layout and typefaces and copy the material into the pages. When choosing a book with a book cover, you may want to attach a photo and a biography of your baby.

Self-publish storytelling

Their aim: to have as many specimens as possible. We' ll make the book, create a knock-out book jacket and hand it out in printed and on-line format. Their aim: to bring your book to a certain public. Her book is a "niche theme", not a best-seller, and that's OK!

We' ll create and put your book of your dreams into printing. Do you only need a few more? The aim: to hand in your book to an agency or a large publishing house. There is fierce Competition and you need a great entry that is sophisticated and clearly business. We can even prepare your manuscripts free of charge to comply with the entry requirements.

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