How to Publish a Paperback Book

Making a paperback book public

Paperback self-publish books with pictures with Createspace. After the crowdfunding campaign, I was amazed by our paperback sales - it was almost a printed copy of every e-book sold. And who do you think is the best option in paperback publishing? The easiest way for authors to have their paperbacks printed is through Print on Demand (PoD). Useful information to help you choose the right book.

Do I need to publish a paperback version of my e-Book myself?

Whenever I publish, I always publish paperback and e-book editions. In all honesty, Kindle e-books are far and wide my best revenue stream, so why do I go to all the additional trouble to publish in paperback when the prospective comeback from all the work is so little?

For example, if a book is on Amazon, it just looks better and has more importance to prospective users. A further advantage is that two different releases allow much more meta data, making a book much easier to find. Learn how to kindle keywords, how to make your Amazon book review out and book meta data.

Using the capabilities of Amazon Authors Central, there are many ways to extend a book beyond the basics, and with two releases, it is possible to extend these capabilities even further. For example, you can include text ual comments that may be different in Kindle and paperback editions.

Complements to your Authors Central book listings appear on your Amazon book page, so they have great book search capabilities to enhance the attractiveness and findability of your book. Another good idea to publish in paperback is if you are planning to pre-order your new Kindle e-book. Since Amazon does not enable the'Look Inside' function for e-book tracks under pre-order, it is not possible for the reader to view a thumbnail.

However, if you publish a paperback a few week before your e-book release, this'Look Inside' will be on. Lastly, book reviewing cannot be booked on a pre-order, but they can be placed on the paperback and can be viewed on the Kindle e-book as well.

So, in a round-a-bout manner, I publish a paperback copy with the thought in mind of preparation for the release of my Kindle e-book copy, which, as I said in the beginning, is where I intend to make the most sells. So, to reply to my initial questions - should I publish myself in paperback?

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