How to Publish a Digital Book

Publish a digital book

Writing your first eBook. Consider three designs: The eight best places to publish your book yourself. Seems this only applies to a Kindle/digital book? Almost two thirds of the US e-book publishing market is controlled by the "Big Five".

Ten errors I made when I published my eBook, and how you can do better

Returning in 2008, I began this blog with the notion that I had a great deal of advices for free-lance authors, and that finally I could extend that into an e-book. Simply type it, have a specialist that it' s beautiful up, and point - I have an e-book. Don't get me wrong- I' ve been selling an acceptable number of MALW books and making a few thousand total estimated bucks of them.

My first move towards my aim is to give my wife and daughter more economic stability through my letter. Sorrowful fact is, I could have done a lot, a lot more on my iBook. I' ve got blueprints for reviewing my e-book in the near term - and reader of this diary are the first to listen about that, later - but for now, I'm tight with what I have.

Meanwhile, I thought it would be useful for other authors to listen to my sorry story about the publication of e-books so that you could prevent my errors. I have ten things I messed up when I published my eBook: Humans do not have a tendency to spend long periods of time reading on a digital display, and they are inclined to choose short e-books for this invention.

More badly, by blasting out all my information in one book, I had no follow-up book to upload the authors who purchased the first book. Again, I would probably have done better to publish a smaller e-book at a lower cost. It has three parts - how to spell for publication, copy writing and blogs.

I' ve learnt that you have to tell authors exactly how to do something. And I really had no clue how to sell an e-book. Not a lot of big blogs that helped, so a whole lot of guys were willing to help me with marketing.

It was not my most vague notion how to publish an e-book in digital form. I was totally baffled by the digital publication for Kindle and Nook and all the other ways. Trouble is, the Kindle is just gonna explode. I' ve been repeatedly asked by authors if I had a Kindle release - and I had to tell them no, I did not.

Incorrectly sized for digital. Having made the PDF, I learnt that you need very special formattings to translate a book to Kindle and other common e-book-format. Let's face it - at this point, if your e-book isn't on Amazon, you'll miss a very large auto sell hopper that could send you buyers as you are sitting back and doing nothing.

Its capacity to advertise it on your own teeny little blogs is nothing like what it gets on one of the largest websites, only from those looking for it in their "book" tabs. All of the times I sold my e-book, the Kindle phenomena has just grown and grown.

In 18 and a half months' time, my boyfriend Sean Platt says, there will only be digital publication. I' m going to be learning about Kindlelishing so I can hop on this train. Have you got a question how you can make more money with your work? Find out more in my Freelance Writers Den free forum - take a look at our online resources, visit our online forum, ask your question and use our free Junk-Free Job Board.

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