How to Publish a Christian Book

Publishing a Christian book

In contrast to other publishers, CFP has a strict policy for what we publish. Complimentary publishing kits Why is CFP a Christian publisher other than its name? In contrast to other publishers, CFP has a strong policy for what we publish. Looking specifically for textbooks that promote the Kingdom of Christ or convey a good news item. We want the contents of our writers to be in the collective interest of all, but we also want to supply them to the bookshops that Christians often use.

Through our partnerships with Ingram and Spring Arbor, we are able to sell our publications in Family Christian and Lifeway stores as well as in secondary retailing sectors such as Barnes & Noble. What do I earn for every book I sell? Most of the time, 70% of the net income of a book we sell through Apple iTunes or Amazon is for the writer (with Apple/Amazon retaining the remaining 30% as a selling commission).

Accordingly, if your book is available on these decks for a $9.95 retailer cost, you would be receiving net income of $6.97 from Apple or Amazon and only transfer 50 cents each. Are you going to do all the work for me in the publication proces? We' ll take care of all facets of the publication process: editorial, page layout and composition, coversign, print, sales, copyright register, production and sales of news releases, book trailers and royalties-managing.

The most important thing is that we do all this for a minimum of your money and 50 Cent per book you sell, while you keep all your book and all the work we do. Is my book going to be available on foreign countries? Her book will be available worldwide (USA, Canada, France, Australia, Germany, UK etc.) via Amazon and Apple iTunes.

Where' s my book being resold? We publish and sell our authors' literature on popular websites such as Apple?s iTunes and the Amazon Kindle Shop, Kobo and Barnes & Noble. We' ll also hand out hard copy of your book through Ingram and Spring Arbor, so your book can be stored in our conventional brickworks and mortarshops.

We' re in Meadville, Pennsylvania in the USA, and Toronto, Ontario, and we enjoy the company of emerging writers. I' ve already republished my book somewhere else. Absolutely - you are always free to change publishing house. We' d just re-publish your previously released work as a "second edition". "We can also fix any bugs that appeared during the previous release processes and work to enhance your book by re-designing the book artwork or launching an extended advertising campaigns, etc.".

Can I have my book physically copied? We' ll be sending you 10 free of charge free textbooks for personal use and sharing with your loved ones. Further examples are available to you immediately if required by contact us or by ordering via your own author portal.

So what do you need to read my book? It is better to have a finished script in almost any kind of digitized form. What is the time it takes to publish my book? While we try to publish our works within 6-8 month, many writers see their works available within 5-6 month through the main printed and on-line sales channel.

What could it be if my book is approved? Whilst the investments our approved writers are asked to make to get a book onto the global book markets vary according to the subtleties of each book, all of our writers are lucky enough to produce, distribute and commercialize their book through a short-term, accessible montly payment schedule that must be collected from the book sales revenue by the writer before we are eligible for any royalties!

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