How to Publish a Children's Book on Amazon

Publish a children's book on Amazon

Publishing children's literature for Amazon Kindle Think of the possibility of opening up not only a profitable market at Amazon Kindle Direct Publishers, but also the heart and mind of kids all over the globe. Consider what it would be like to re-experience and realise something of your own youth through the realm of self-publication.

It' s not that far-fetched, you know, so I want to explain in a few easy steps how to publish a children's book on Amazon Kindle. Did you always want to publish a children's book? And if you did publish a children's book, how did you do it?

I have been enthusiastic about the combinations of words and cartoons for a thousand readings until I am sure that I have used up the bookbinding. Now, that I am an expert self-publisher, I am pleased to inform you that I have deleted one point from my personal goals-the publication of a children's photo book. It' possible to jump over this footstep when it comes to the publication of children's literature.

Indeed, Actors BJ Novak has not written book with any images that is exactly as the cover suggests. And the book was a complete hit. When you want to create a children's book without images, just do the same things you would do for a regular Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing e-book.

The last choice was to spend my time changing several pictures to make a small universe for my apes' stories. Fortunately, I have GIMP expertise to rig pictures so that I could make two different character postures for a book. When you borrowed for the last stage, you can probably bypass this stage by letting your artists turn the book into PDF.

It is important that you have the book in PDF format to complete it. After the artwork was finished, I used Keynote to put the whole book together. Just browse Amazon Kindle Kids' Book Creator for a copy of Amazon. Share your book as usual on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.

All you have to do is load the point MOBI files that Amazon Kindle Kids' Book Creator stores in the files on your computer. In the first weeks of its release, my first children's book Grumpy Gus Beat the Blues became the number one bestselling book in its series. It took me about 12hrs, which included the amount of material I needed to create, compose and learn how to use Kindle Kids' Book Creator.

Since then I have created two more Grumpy Gus related tracks and am planning to extend the name. Now go out there and publish a children's book on Amazon Kindle, you accomplished self-publisher. L. Dale Roberts is a a fitness writer, YouTube contented maker and self-publishing overachiever. If Dale is not just releasing, making video and making contacts, he likes to go travelling with his woman Kelli and play with his cats.

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