How to Publish a Children's Book

Publish a children's book

Guide-to-Publishing Children's Books, de Harold Underdown, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Publishing Children's Books. Comment publier soi-même un livre pour enfants : It is a remarkable adventure to write a children's book. Y. Eevi Jones describes in How To Self-Publish A Children's Book the exact way to fulfill your dream of becoming a published children's author. High quality children's book printing at low unit prices.

Self-publication of children's books or eBooks

Are you thinking of releasing a children's book or e-book or an application for them? And if so, you' ll be learning from these questions and answers with Nicole and Damir Fonovich, the co-creators of Luca Lashes, a range of multi-lingual e-books and applications for kids who have chosen not to contact any agent or publisher and instead to start the whole show themselves.

You haven't even tried to find a conventional editor for the Luca Lashes range. Why did you choose the path of self-publication? It was our choice to publish ourselves when we were researching what other writers said and learning what the usual customs in the conventional book business are.

At Kinderverlag, it seemed very unusual for a publisher to work with a novelist who does not have an editor or who has not previously worked as an editor. We' ve also heard that editors often depend on their writers to do most of their own advertising, and we knew that our bonuses - minus the agent's percent - would not lead to the profit we might make if we did it ourselves.

Waiting years to be perceived by a publishing house and then taking the chance of not earning a recognizable one. In view of the market trend towards electronic contents, we have chosen not to contact any agent or publishing house and to do all this ourselves.

Childrens' literature that comes onto the open air is intensively checked by custodians, teachers, child teachers, child libraries and children's book-readers. Why did you decide to publish your own children's literature and applications in this sophisticated town? The Luca Lashes publication was started with 17 years of training experiences, both in apprenticeship and management, which gave us a great deal of insights into our work.

He had some bookstore experiences, and so we came with a good understanding of what was typical of children's literature - we knew that there were a finite number of titles in different tongues. We are also dedicated book purchasers ourselves and wanted our boy to have a passion for the book.

However, with all the contact with the children's book market, we knew there was a need for the contents of our range, which was specifically developed to help youngsters turn "fear of first" into enjoyment. Items like the anxiety of the first dental appointment is something that so many families meet with their offspring, and there were less on the children's shelves than you think.

Because we know that the developmental levels of infancy are quite general, we thought we could find a place for our imaginative contents in the worldwide online market. How long did it take you to create the range? After a year, our staff wrote, edited and translated nine novels and applications and tested seven of them.

What's your distribution of Luca Lashes applications? iTunes is the most obvious golden norm for applications and at first we saw more traffic for applications, but also Amazon. com did very well. As Luca Lashes is currently only sold digitally, revenues are generally higher in higher technology developing markets such as France.

So how do you bring audiences to your website and your show? We did a little Facebook promotional and book PR, but we worked really very hard on our on-line discovery capability by giving our eBooks appropriate meta data (which happens at the back of the e-book encoding) to help folks find them when they search.

We have participated in meetings and workshops to get as much information as possible about things like metadata strategies to make Luca Lashes more likely to be found in the search for our bookstyles. Would you tell those who are considering to publish a children's book or e-book themselves?

When book writing and selling are your objectives, self-publishing children's literature is much more difficult and a long task than you might think. Nevertheless, we are very happy about the great popularity of Luca Lashes among consumers. It was with a great deal of research and enthusiasm and a great deal of work that we joined the show in order to find an audiences for the film.

Luca Lashes, a series of multi-lingual e-books and applications, were developed by the pair to help children (0-4) turn "fear of first" into a joy.

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