How to Publish a Book Written by a Child

What is the best way to publish a book written by a child?

The easiest way to publish your child's book is to make a single copy. Encouragement and self-publication of your work. Send excerpts from your book to a magazine. Submit short stories, poems and excerpts from your book to literary magazines that support aspiring writers. Take part in a competition.

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John Tambunan became one of the youngest publisher at Apple's iBookstore in 2012. We' re discussing the matter with his mom, Jane Ross. He made up the phrases for this one, but I entered the words for him. When it was done, I uploaded the pictures from my iPhone to my iPad.

I' ve worked with John to decide which one to use to tell the tale. Completed book is 50 pages long. When we were done and satisfied with the results, we took the book to our kindergarten and handed it back to his group. Now, we got such a good response to this book that we chose to publish it in the iBookstore.

Little Fiish had achieved the Top 40 in the US iBookstore within one monthly, within 2 monthly the book was download more than 3,000 time! Since September 2013, the book has been download 7,800 copies world-wide. It has been critiqued several time in France, Germany, the USA, Australia, the Netherlands and the UK.

It' so nice to have your book read in different tongues - even if you have to run it through the Google translators to see what they say! Consider why this book was successful: It' astonishing that humans can tell their own story in this way. The book of my boy is presented by Apple on a regular basis in the iBookstore next to professionals like Beatrix Potter.

On the other side of the globe, John gets feedbacks about his book.

Interviewee with Karen Inglis

This part of our interview with self-published writers features Cressida Downing talking to children's bookist Karen Inglis about her film. I had been trying to write for years - I had pals and as a child I used to write never-ending journals and brief histories as a college kid, but I had no clue to be a full-time-authwriter.

At first I was encouraged to start writing for kids when I gave up full-time work to take care of my two young (they are now 19 and 21 years old!), and one night I saw a handsome little mogul. I had been studying children's literature with my first boy for two years by this point, so I thought I could make a history myself - and Ferdinand Fed was by then.

Then came The Secret Lake - a time-lapse puzzle quest that was partially influenced by the liberty I had as a child. Then Eeek! What have you learned from your book designs? Probably I have revised the Ferdinand Fox tales about 12 over a longer while!

I sent it to Louise Jordan at the Writers' Advice Centre for Children's Booking for comment. As far as the designs are concerned, I was on a great Learning Cycle. My figures were raised in The Secret Lake.

Fortunately Louise corrected me and pointed out that kids aren't interested in learning about adults! But I didn't plan The Secret Lake in front of me, it snaked along its path, some parts worked immediately and others didn't! So how did you try to get out there? You liked Ferdinand Fox, but said, as already stated, that rhymes cannot be interpreted.

At The Secret Lake I either got a default refusal or I was given the message that the tale was too tradition. Everybody used to love Eeek! But it was too shor. One of the agents also liked Eeek! and asked me to optimize the ending - which I did, but then she said she wasn't sure.

It seemed so unlikely that I would be released that I chose to return to the profession of written work. So I chose a sabbath year 2010 and looked again at what I had written. It also became clear to me that British bookstores could not order my book.

I had to do more research and therefore chose to use Lightening South UK for sales here, as they can deliver to British bookstores. If a bookstore does not have your book in stock, it will appear on their system so that they can order it if a client wishes.

It can be printed on request and comes through wholesale. The use of UK lighting also means that I can have my book sent to me very quickly for an event - or for anyone else in the UK. The order was placed on Thursday and was delivered to her by Lightsening Energy shortly after 12 noon on Friday.

You can tell me more about the publication of a children's photo book - FERDINAND FOX'S BIG SEEP. It is then very simple to find out the winnings you will make with each book. When you only sell through Amazon - the qualitiy is very good - but it's difficult to convince a wholesaler to have it in store with this finishing, as most children's photo albums use tissueaper.

In 2013 I am organising an activity to promote the Beanstalk Charity and Get London Reading campaign at an inner-city centre campus. My sponsorship of the project is to create placards in which it is mentioned that they keep my work. I am supporting the work of locally owned bookstores - and I have mentioned this in all auctions. I also read at Nomad Book's in Fulham and at schools in Waterstones.

Which one for Ferdinand? I' ve been spending the last six month turning Ferdinand Fox's Big Sleep into an iPad app. I have worked with a lot of developers who have given me a lot of knowledge so that he can gain experiences with children's work. If you point to the lamb, for example, you heard the words "sheep" and a "baa", and a balloon with "sheep" appeared written on it.

The Secret Lake's printed book retail is around 1,900 (around 1,600 UK) and 2,500 in Kindle size. Pressure sells are more stable. Both The Secret Lake and Eeek are on Kindle. I' m getting 70% toll on the secret lake that sells at 1. 99, but I am loving the printed matter.

It' a real book, and I like going to school, and I like to sign with Waterstones. Are you outsourcing any of your publication tasks? I have formatted my printed materials, but have them verified by a trustworthy pro for a small charge (and a few adjustments!) before uploading.

Writers' Advice Centre for Children's Books is an excellent source for anyone who needs help to write children's literature. Why self-publication versus conventional publication? I am in favour of old-fashioned publishers, but I must be practical. I had items that the conventional book market didn't like (such as Reimtext) and there are a few slot sizes for each publishers to record music.

Those points that have prompted conventional publishing houses to refuse my publications were also seen as strong points. Eeek Retrospective has been chosen by love reading4kids as the perfect book for the book list of Julia Eccleshare and The Literacy Trust.

It is a very old-fashioned children's tale - but I have found that there is a powerful fair for it - they seem to be as hungry for this kind of adventures as for contemporary weirdoes. One has to let them know that you and your book are out there, so there's always something to do - but so are writers who have been publishing for years.

Your authors website is a great template for any emerging writer, clear and full of interesting hyperlinks and information, but entirely concentrated on their work. Childrens publishers have to publish a book of pictures in several different tongues, and the translation of rhymes is almost not possible. The Nosy Crow is a children's publishing house that was the leader in the development of children's book applications.

Since 2010 Karen Inglis has been releasing her children's literature herself and has a lot of useful tips for other writers looking for this area of editing. She can be followed on @kareninglis on tweets and her book has its own web sites - like these for THE SECRET LAKE.

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