How to Publish a Book Series

Publish a book series

As counterintuitive as it may seem, the best idea is to create and manage at least three books in the series. Concentrate on making Book One as good as you can. Bind all loose ends together. You can make a complete story out of it. Imagine it as a book in a series.

Do I have to copyright a book before I publish it myself?

According to US intellectual property laws, your self-published work is copyrighted as soon as you put the marker on the board. Copyrights are founded on your creativity and do not depend on a legal arrangement with a book publishers or self-publisher, although registering with the U.S. Copyrights Office is an advantage.

As a self-released writer, registering your copyrights gives you a higher degree of certainty and trust when it comes to the protection of your work. By registering your work with the U.S. Copyright and Trademark Offices, you are creating a royalty-recording. If you are trademarked right from the beginning, you must still file your work with the Intellectual Property Rights Department to be recognised as a legal owner of the work.

We' ll place your name where it should be right next to the copyrights icon on the first page of your work. If you are the author, you also own the international copyrights to your book. As soon as the goverment has dealt with your request, the royalty filing will be sent directly to you. During the publication of your book, the Library of Congress number will be issued and displayed on the copyrights page of your book.

ISBN is a one-of-a-kind feature of your book, making it easy for merchants to find your book in their database. In order to get going, order your FREE The Writer's Guide to Book Publishing today by filling out the enquiry formular.

To start a book series

As we all know, one of the great passions of self-publishing authoring is to publish too soon before our titles are the best they can be, just because it' s so simple to publish a book at the push of a switch.... Can you be patient enough to sit and waiting until you have finished writing two more volumes before the first?

When you write a series, it can be a true win if you hold back until you have finished the first three series. Today K T Lee comes to us to tell us how and why she did exactly that with her new series. Your well thought-out listing of the advantages and disadvantages of your book will help you to find the best way forward for your work.

If you want to publish a book and then stick to it. But before I wrote Calculated Deception, I knew I wanted my characters' stories to go beyond a book. This is a big no in conventional publishers - the plan for the next book before the first book was released is to put the carriage in front of the horses, and all that.

The publication of a series is strongly advised in the field of independent music. When I was a novice writer, I chose to sit back and watch until I had finished three volumes before starting my series. While I can't tell you what works best for you and your stories, I can agree with you on some of the advantages and disadvantages of this method I learnt on the road.

Professionals: I had to enter the publisher's market with a sales concept and brand. An unpronounced explanation why a writer does not become an independent writer is the initial expense of converting a script into a book. Disadvantages: I had much higher initial expenses than an editor of a book.

I was able to publish a free pre-quel novel with the understanding that I had two volumes right behind it, waiting for those who were enjoying the free book. Professionals: Once I realised that I wanted to do something about a personality in a former book, I could go back and fix it.

Disadvantages: The infinite capacity to work on finished works means that it can be difficult to stop working on them. Professionals: Immediately see three ledgers that all work together on your authors page. Disadvantages: Great Coverdesign is tough, yes. When I reformatted the inside of the book, it means I had all the headache that came with it, sometimes three.

Professionals: The publication of several of my works made it easy for me to speak to prospective users about my work. I was also permitted to announce three mini-book publications instead of just one. Disadvantages: Three of them! The unevenness and headache of this mad publisher's trip will lead you through a feeling of determination.

Being an independent writer, I really enjoy being able to put my own one-of-a-kind twist on my favourite music. It would be the truth whether I published one book or ten. If you are a serial writer, which one do you like? You got any advantages and disadvantages you can put on K.T.'s roster?

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