How to Publish a Book Online

Publish a book online

You can read your books online for real magic! In order to publish your book from iBooks Author, you must first export it as a PDF, text file,....

. Authors who have their books in selected bookstores or online stores can order them directly from Lulu to replenish their stock.

Post your book online

You can browse, listen to music and watch videos. You no longer have to give your book away as a movie to make it available to everyone! It' s possible to read a book privately, but it is easily shared with your family or even worldwide. Integrate a hyperlink to your book on your website.

Publication is certificated for pedagogical use. But we' ve always wanted to offer you the simplest and most available way to exchange your book with anyone and on any machine. 1 you can now publish your textbooks and make them available on the Internet. Simply touch the print symbol below your book and select'Publish online' instead of ePub, PDF or Vid.

Publish your book online is one thing. It' the true magical thing is that you can view your book online! We have developed a fully featured, fully featured, fully functional, web-based e-book viewer. Rotate the pages, playback sound and videos, and modify the page layouts, all in your web navigator. It' also easy to publish your book on your website or your class-room blogs, and you can even publish it on your own website.

First, it is not possible for a student to publish his or her own work. It' always the instructor with his own bankroll who decides whether a book can be divided online or not. But once a book is released, it is no longer available for public research on Google or other SEOs. A book can only be accessed via its personal-links.

It is up to you, as a schoolteacher, to choose how and with whom you want to part. Naturally, it is always up to educators to verify that they meet their own school's standard for the exchange of information and pictures before they publish a book online. Are there any costs for publication on the Internet?

The establishment of a plattform for the exchange and read of such accounts is associated with expenses. We' ll have to house the accounts and cover the bandwith, and with over 1 million accounts produced per months, the cost will be substantial. In the beginning every instructor can publish 10 free of charge.

We' ll now collect information on how many titles are divided and viewed online and announce the prices for further titles as soon as possible. It is our aim to offer great value to our school and we will make sure that there is a free, generously sized standard so that all of our instructors can publish many of their students' work.

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