How to Publish a Book on Ebook

As one publishes a book on Ebook

("Note: I recently made a change to my first book, Beautiful Demons, which is why it says "Publishing" instead of "Live". Don't be frightened by the hour it took me to publish this book. Descriptive Ebook and POD book to format and publish

He has written 32 books, among them the best-selling international epoxy phantasy sequences of the Three Worlds - over one million of them. Once your book has been released by a conventional publishing house and you plan to re-publish it yourself, start at stage 1. And if your book has never been released, go to the 5. stage.

Request a copy of the definitive (as published) book for your book from your publishers. The best way is in Microsoft Word but your publishing house can provide you with an Adobe Acrobat (pdf) document or an e-book (epub) one. Review your book agreement for the copyrights you have granted to the publisher: these may be Australia and New Zealand copyrights, UK and New Zealand copyrights, international copyrights, etc.

There' s nothing you can do until you get your right back. When your book is out of stock and should not be re-printed, ask your publishing house for a return copy of the work. When your book is in Word size, proceed to the 5. screen. When it is in either Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Acrobat you will need to have it converted to Word.

So if your book is only available in hard copy and you cannot obtain the book from your publishers, please provide a copy to a company that is scanning and converting hard copy book to Microsoft Office Words at While you can also do your own scanning and then turn the book into text using visual rendering, this is very tedious and much more error-prone; import your Microsoft Office text into your computer's text editing software (called TextEdit on a Mac) and choose "Make Plain Text" to eliminate all formats, custom code and concealed text that have been generated by various text editing and converting applications.

Otherwise, your e-book looks awful on an e-book scanner; just store the simple text files and open them with Microsoft World. Although you normally use a different text editor, you must use Microsoft Office as this is required by some e-book formatters. Use the Smashwords free formattering guide, https://www.smashwords. com/books/view/52, up to and including step 19.

First of all, make a universal "search and replace" for each case of using the tabs button - any tabs usage in the spreadsheet and EpubCheck will miss (what the e-book must happen before it is accepted by the traders). Perform sweeps for other frequent bugs as described in the Smashwords guide.

If your book has pictures or cards, just include them - but be warned that it is difficult to make pictures look good on the various e-book scanners. You can finden Sie Sie unter As well as converting files and reading books, mistakes such as hyphens and misspellings, fractured sentences and half a line result, so you need to perform a thorough spelling verification and thoroughly review the book at the end of this work.

See http://www.bookdesigntemplates. com (~$60 for a one-book license, ~$117 for a multi-book license) for artwork created by a very seasoned pro (such as Joel Friedlander). We can also provide artwork for the front, back and back covers of all popular Print On Demand (POD) file sizes, Several free book covers, fonts and book designs are also available, http://diybookcovers. com/free-sample-thanks/ and

Great coverage is utterly vitally important to the sucess of your ebook and you don't have to spend much on a well-designed, eye-catching coverage. Have a look, see heatsheps. com/killer-ebook-cover/ und http://www.bigskywords. com/writing-blog/top-10-ebook-cover-design-sites und http://www.thebookdesigner. com/2014/02/e-book-cover-design-design-awards-janvier-2014/ und You must generate the NCX (Linked Table of Contents) before you can ship your e-book to a dealer.

If you want to do this manually, read the Smashwords Format Guide, section 20. It is tedious if your book has many sections or numbers, and it is simple to implement mysterious mistakes that will cause the book EpubCheck to failure even if you are very cautious. You can sometimes fix these mistakes and the book will still fall through.

You can also export the document (.docx format) into a Jutoh utility ($45, http://www.jutoh. com) that creates the associated NCX in one of several ways at the touch of a single key. It' will then compilate your book in different files (Epub, Kindle, PDF and 4 others), run EpubCheck or other tests and tell you what to do about any bugs.

When you have reformatted your e-book according to steps 6, there should be no mistakes. You have other ways to have your book converted to the various e-book file types (either by hand or with the free but user-unfriendly Calibre application, http://calibre-ebook.). When you want to publish directly, your primary selling points are:, which is said to account for about half of the US e-book industry, but also has various regulations (such as applicable charges, pricing and geographical restrictions) that mean you will never get the full 70% royalties you will get from Apple, Kobo and other vendors.

When you have pictures in your ebook, upload charges can drastically decrease the amount you acquire from Amazon, so get rid of pictures wherever possible and where not, make them as small as possible (50KB or smaller). Apple's iTunes eBookstore (15 - 20% of the world book market). Kobo, Google Play and Smashwords.

obo is not large in the US, but it is an important international eBook vendor, and it also has sales arrangements with many other on-line bookstores in many states. You can also publish directly to Barnes and Noble if you are in the USA and parts of Europe. While there are many other e-book vendors, self-published writers cannot directly contact the vast majority of them.

You can also publish through Smashwords (or some other company ), which also have sales arrangements with many on-line broker. When your book is fully Microsoft Word reformatted and ebook converted, I suggest that you store the book in three versions: This is for Amazon Kindle. Remove all non-essential pictures and decrease the filesize of all important pictures before upload (

This is the one for all other merchants where you can add bigger pictures that will look good on iPad and other high-resolution trays. POD if you are planning where you will use print-ready (300 dpi) pictures. You are strongly advised to use a printing copy here. In order to publish on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play and Smashwords, you must obtain and specify a US VAT number, either an ID number or ON.

You will also need an Australian Business Number (ABN) to publish in the Apple Australian iBookstore. I would suggest that if you own global copyright to your book (e.g. if all your copyright has gone back to you or the book has never been published), you publish on Amazon and Smashwords, as this saves you a great deal of your own work, as Smashwords is distributed to most of the major merchants online).

At Amazon (Kindle Direct Publishing, KDP) you get a 70% license charge (minus a per MB file down-load charge, so keep all pictures small) if your book is between $2.99 and $9.99 or 35% outside this area. You only get about 15% with a conventional publishers (your agreement can say 25% or more, but that's your part of what the publishers get, and they only get 70%).

Publication on Amazon is relatively fast and simple, Notice that KDP uses a native KDP site creation protocol, . mobil, which creates the KDP site from your Word.docx files. Please also be aware that if you choose the 70% license charge, Amazon will charge a charge depending on the volume of the upload.

While this is not much for pure textbooks, such as fiction, it can costs you all your graphic book bonuses, in which case you may be better off with the 35% bonus on it. In order to create Amazon formatted children's illustration book, you need Kindle Kid's Book Creator, docId=1002979921&ref_=pe_445910_122737500_2. Smshwords is the world's biggest freelance e-book distribution company and sells to Apple, Kobo and many other vendors you can't even contact yourself.

You will receive 85% license fee for selling directly through smash words and 60% for selling through other merchants. ÿ Smshwords also has free of charge email advertising, format and styles guidelines that are of inestimable value to all self-publishers, When you do not have global permissions on your book (e.g. if your book is still in printing in some countries), you cannot publish it through smash words because they do not have the option to define geographical selling permissions.

You will be limited to Amazon, Apple and Kobo, but since they have more than two third of the total free software available, you won't lose too much. For publishing in Apple's Apple book store (a bit more complex), see http://www.redjumper. net/blog/2013/11/pro-tips-publish-itunes-step-1-create-itunes-connect-account/ (first of three articles) and For the Kobo (Kobo Writing Life) publication, which is easy and fast, see

There is no International Standard Book Number (ISBN) required to publish on Amazon, Apple, Kobo or Google Play, although you will not get the most widespread coverage on Kobo if your book does not have one. They need an ISBN on Smashwords, but they make it available for free. ISBNs for other uses, e.g. for printed publications, can be requested from the appropriate agencies in your area.

We can also supply your book to a Print-on-Demand (POD) publishing house. CreatingSpace (Teil von Amazon, https://www.createspace. com) et Lightningource are the largest onesind die größten. They can also publish via Lulu, https://www.lulu. com, which is distributed via Lightningource. No matter which POD services you decide to use, book design by a book design specialist will help you spend less hassle and less effort, giving you a much better look, e.g. http://www.bookdesigntemplates. com (~$60 for a one-book license, ~$117 for a multi-book license).

CreateSpace, LightsningSources and other POD organizations can use these book and book cover design themes to meet their unique needs. Refer to step 6 above for adding pictures to POD manuals. You' re not going to make much profit with the POD, but it will please your readers who want print for them.

I have some extra formats for print book and suggest using a professional-looking artwork (see #7 above). At the time of release with POD, see

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