How to Publish a Book on Amazon Kindle

Publish a book on Amazon Kindle

You can register your tax information for royalties. I can also publish books on virtually any topic with a ghostwriter. Kindle Unlimited is central to Amazon's Gambit - and the payment of the authors.

How and why to publish a book on Amazon Kindle (info graphic)

Know how mighty the Amazon Kindle e-book market place is today? When it comes to being released in this mighty arenas, how do you start? Find out astonishing statistics about the Amazon Kindle universe and how you can start to publish a great Kindle e-book in our infograph.

Thirty percent of the adult Americans were reading an eBook last year. More than 50% of Americans own a Kindle. Childle eBooks account for 5% of all US sales. The Kindle is the most beloved e-reader that beats both the iPad and Nook. Amazons has a 65% stake in the eBook sector.

More than a fourth of the 100 best Kindle eBooks available on Amazon are released by indie-writers. 3 percent of Amazon's 90 million uniques user spends every months with a Kindle. Kindle Fire has a 14% stake in the worldwide tablets industry. The Kindle is Amazon's best-selling item.

Anyone who subscribes to Kindle Unlimited spends more on reading than those who do not. Let's take a concrete look at how Amazon is dominating the eBook mare. Amazons is the biggest paying research machine in the run. The number of independent publishers increased by 437% between 2008 and 2013. Girls are twice as many bestsellers of independent music as men.

Amazons now paying writers per page who turn their reader over. Just 16% of Amazon's best-selling eBooks were released by major publishers. Independent writers make up 40% of the revenue spent on e-book writers. Some 31% of the Amazon Kindle Shop titles are self-published. Nonfiction writers are paying more for a book than literature.

Conventional publisher pay a license fee of 15-20% of net sales. A 35-70% license fee is offered by Amazon Kindle Publisher. At the Kindle Shop, the durability of a book is forever. This contrasts with a 30-60 day durability in a conventional shop. Kindle has more than 810,000 titles.

Amazons does part of the promotional work for you: the site will forward your book to those looking for similar music. Investment in Kindle-ready, high-quality editing. Kindle's best-selling titles are from $2.99-$3.99. Self-released writers repeatedly sell great publishers in the genre of sci-fi/fantasy/mystery/thriller and romantic.

Best-selling eBooks usually weighs 100,000 words or more. Websites like, and all have free advertising portals to help you bring your book to the top.

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