How to Publish a Book in Amazon Kindle

Publishing a book in Amazon Kindle

Find out how you can publish your book on Amazon (Kindle Direct Publishing) in three easy steps. You can read and see how with an accompanying video tutorial. Post your textbooks on Kindle Publishers or authors can make their work available on Kindle and Kindle apps for iPad, iPhone and iPod contact, Windows 8, Android, Mac and PC with Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing. You only need a single image of your book. You are already registered with Kindle Direct Publishing if you have an Amazon user.

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Getting your book published on Amazon Kindle Step-By-Step yourself

The self-publication of a book is an interesting undertaking, and the Amazon portal allows writers to publish paperback, e-books and audio works themselves. Launch on the homepage and click on "Light eBook". Select the mainanguage of your e-book (the book's writing language). To help clients find other titles in your collection on Amazon, include the serial name and partition number, if any.

Here is the full listing of HTML tag and attribute support in the book descriptions area. Choose your publication permissions.

Type up to seven key words or book title, each with a max of 50 chars, related to your book. Tip: Type words and title that could be associated with your book, but do not include a category. I have chosen "a random walkway down wallway ", "investing is for dummies" and so on for my book Investing Isasy.

Think about where they might be looking for your book. Choose whether you want to publish your book now or make it available for pre-order. Preordering allows you to advertise your book on Amazon before it is published. If, however, you modify your pre-order date, Amazon will delete this for one year.

Release date cannot be changed after your book has been reviewed by Amazon's reviews group. Most freelance professionals are formatting textbooks to fit the needs of Kindle and CreateSpace. Clients rate a book by its binding, so it's a good choice to create a binding yourself or engage a freelance. $100 is an appropriate amount for covering.

The" launching sleeve creator" options leads to a less than normal and less than ideal book sleeve, which could harm your sell. Please load a JPG or TIFF file of your album. Have a look at your book in the thumbnail to see what it will look like. Tip: The best way to check your book is to buy it and check it as soon as it is available on the market.

The International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is a clear numerical trading book number. While you can publish your e-book without one, if you have one, you can register it. Do not use an printed copy of an mySAPN for your personal copy. To specify an unambiguous number for the electronic copy of your book.

ISBNs can be purchased from Bowker, but it is not necessary. Find out about KDP Select and choose whether you want to register (I do). Find out about the Match Book programme and choose whether you want to register (I do). Study about the book rental programme and choose if you want to enrol (I do).

After publication, you can no longer remove your book, only publish it. Boost your turnover by releasing a pocket book and an audio book. Clients like to keep and hear your book. I' d rather publish my printouts via CreateSpace, but KDP offers the possibility.

A benefit of releasing your pocket book through KDP is that you can include additional key words. KDP: seven key words of 50 chars each. CreatingSpace: five 25 character key words. Find out how to publish yourself on ManageSpace. When you publish your book in several different file types, e.g. softcover, e-book and audio book, they should be linked to a single page for sale as well.

So if you don't do it within a weeks or two, please ask Amazon Technical Assistance to link you. Set up an Amazon Authors Center account. You can use an Authors Profiles to allow you to attach your title to a single page that will appear in your results. As soon as your creator profiles are in place, Amazon will no longer delete them upon your inquiry.

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