How to Publish a Book for free on Amazon

Getting a book published for free on Amazon

The number of days your book can be listed as free is limited by Amazon. This is how to make your book for free on Amazon's KDP Making your book on Amazon is not simple, but it is possible with a little work! Would you like your book to be free of charge on a permanent or temporary basis? Amazon is offering its publishers the option of either 5 free or 5 count down deals per 90-day cycles as a reward for adding a book to KDP Select.

When your book is in KDP Select, you can (and should) use the free time. If you are not registered with KDP Select, you cannot make your book free of charge at Amazon for a temporary period. In order to use your free time, go to your KDP bookshelf, find the book you want to make for free and click on the "Advertise and Advertise" tab.

It' gonna take you to the book's promotional director. Activate the checkmark "Free book promotion" in the field "Execute free book promotion" and then click on the icon "Create new free book promotion". You can then choose the deadlines on which your action is to take place. Tip: If you are planning to perform these actions on a regular basis, it is best to set up a system of reminders to notify you every 90 d...

To give your book away for free at Amazon, you must first make sure that it is not included in KDP Selections. As soon as you have made sure that it is not registered with KDP choose, it is a good idea to publish it for selling to as many other vendors as possible. Nowadays, Amazon usually needs more than one, so I suggest that you publish them on Smashwords, iTunes, Barnes & Noble and Kobo.

Amazon wants to stay ahead of the competition, so they often fix the prices for matches when they are sufficiently liked. and we want our accounts free immediately. Amazon's "official" way of comparing prices is to report a book elsewhere as less expensive.

To do this, go to your book page at Amazon and click on the page "Tell us about a lower price". Several groups allow writers to join when they send Amazon a surge of book pricing inquiries, such as kboard's "Make it free" threads and a Goodread's Indie Book Collective one.

Participation reduces the cost of your book much faster than you could do on your own. The majority of writers don't know, but you can get in touch with them directly via KDP and ask for a comparison of prices (the links are in the bottom line of the KDP dashboard). I have always had hit with this way, and it usually doesn't take longer than 2 working day to get my book for free.

Hi, I recently bought "TITLE" from autor (ASIN: XXXXXXXXXXXXXX) for free on a number of other onlineshops. You can find it free of charge under the following links: Can you get Amazon to buy this book for free? Amazons are not so indulgent and if they say "no" to you, they will most likely do so again, even if you may present new information.

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