How to Publish a Book for free

Getting a book published for free

I can say for free: "Editing a book is hard work. You can adjust the prices free of charge to bring the prices in line with those of other providers. Make sure that your work is free of errors. Use this automatic eBook generator to convert your Word document to.epub AND.

mobi files for free! For more free publishing resources, click here.

Publishing a book yourself - Part 5

At Lulu, we will take your books and resell them without having to pay you any license fees. So, Lulu is just.... beyond words. All I can say about them is that the papers they use for cover art are of slightly better than Amazon KDP's, but that's it.

My primary worry with Lulu is what one of the authors on the Consumer Affairs website out - they are theft. I was involuntarily "agreeing" to receive 0 (zero!) emoluments without ever being told that this is what it means to give Lulu the right to hand out your work.

I only realized that after I had verified the detailed information of the books later and there, to my complete dismay and unbelief, I found this: So, not only are their printing cost compared to Amazon KDP, they give me $0. 00 (zero dollars) donations for every retailer they make with my work!

Corresponding to this, I would only charge $1 (from a product they assessed at $18) if organism consecutive it directly from Lulu's computer. Even less, because Amazon KDP gives me well over $0 royalty for the same pocketback of similar grade that Lulu sells for half the cost!

Next thing that happend was that I found my story with some arcane vendors I've never known before. Apparently Lulu just grabs your file and resells it to almost everyone. As a result, if you want to get a royalty, simply DO NOT give Lulu your books.

Considering how much work is being invested in authoring and releasing a work, you should be very, very cautious about who you give them to. I tried to remove and remove my Lulu books - guesswork, they wouldn't let me remove the books and they told me it took 6 to 8 week for them to stop sell.

Yes, that's Lulu and that's a writer's name. Lulu taught me my lessons, and I'm sure I'll recall. I' ve seen some folks who recommended Lulu, and that's why I tried. I would advise be - if to see a mix of many 1-star and 5-star ratings with little or nothing in between, be on the safe side and rely on these 1-star ratings for the 5-star ratings.

Even if those who have never used a personal touch suggest it, be very, very cautious. I' ve just got an answer from Lulu, here's what they say: Please be aware that there is no reference whatsoever to the alleged'increased costs' with their'free' ICSBN in the above mentioned links. â??It seems that many of these accounts were made for one reason alone - to alone?-?to post a mean remark on this, so keep in the back of your head when you try to make more sense.

August 25, 2017 - The Writing Cooperative told me today that they were compelled to delete this article from the release because it created controversies. Now you can pre-order my self-publication guide which will be published on this blogs. Or you can help me by making a contribution (all donators will get a copy of the book) or become my Patreon benefactor.

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