How to Publish a Book as a Teenager

To publish a book as a teenager

Teens have published their books the same way as everyone else. Send your manuscript to a company known for publishing books in your genre. Research various publishers, read some of the books they have published, and see if they go well with your work. The books arrived early and without any damage. This magazine, the book series and the website are entirely dedicated to the writing, art and photos of young people.

What is the best way for a teenager to publish a book?

Anybody can publish a book, and that costs no more. First you have to compose the book. Next, you can use free utilities such as LibreOffice with the widget2ePub expansion to build your own book. Make your (full size) front, back and back covers with a graphic designer such as iDraw, Photoshop, etc.

Exports it all to a PDF and exports the artwork to a JPEG one. Use LibreOffice to save it as PDF and generate the eBub document (you need the zip document of the cover). When you have made changes to the files, you can use free utilities such as Sigil to manipulate the eBubs.

When you have completed your changes, use Child Laying to generate the Amazon document. You now have the covers and interiors that you will be uploading to Createspace to build your own book. You also have the eBookstore that you will be uploading to Smashwords to share with Barnes & Noble, Apple iBookstore and anywhere but Amazon.

Eventually you have the Amazon e-book document that you will be uploading to Kindle Direct Publishing. As soon as you did that, you will have your book out all over the globe. What about the costs? You are a public writer. Now you can (and should) be able to pay to create a professional artwork.

They should also have your book processed. Here comes the difficult part: you have to promote your book. With the right application, Amazon has a selection programme that can significantly boost your turnover. There is no need to sign up with an ISBN agent or purchase an ISBN number.

You don't need to write a text or a work of art to make a real book. There are no batch printing requirements and no up-front costs to setup your book via Createspace. Don't use Calibre to make your e-book; Amazon has refused Calibre formated e-books.

NO sending to Kindle Direct Publishing (not Amazon). Sending only the child legend-generated data set. Do NEVER transmit Word or TXTs to KDP. You will not be properly reformatted, and Word documents are full of "Word Bloat" - a pleasant way to say that Word will fill your document with all types of useless formattings.

you" do not "register" your book (or eBook) with Amazon. Create an Createspace, Kindle Direct Publishing and Smashwords bankroll. Uploading your data. Just type it and publish it yourself. Also NEVER mail your book to an agents. They' re sending a request for quotation. 5 per cent royalty per bookstore.

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