How to Publish a Book and Sell it

Publish and sell a book

You" pay" for these services only when your books begin to sell. I' m not recommending printing thousands of books and then selling them. Sell and publish books on the iBooks Store. For years professional speakers have been publishing and selling books on the back of the room, and many have made very good money in this way. This makes it less likely that they publish risky books.

I had nothing to do with it.

But to my astonishment, nine editors turned me down! I set up my own publisher at home with a $5,000 loan. It was what I used to call the Enterprise publishing company.

There' s at least one big book in everyone. But many good bestselling novels (including three of their own) have been ghostly written by others.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to find a new writer.

The way you read your book.

You can also profit from tax-free trips.

√ĘTed, your name should be on the front page of this book with mine.

Interested in a publisher's work? One way or another, this book is an unbelievable deal.

You can rest assured that my book will help you in all these important areas.

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