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Wherefore publish with us How to publish with us Promote your book Publication Guidelines Frequently Asked Questions Helpful Guides. When you think that your book will not be sold overseas, you may miss a goldmine full of opportunities. So publishing and distributing an e-book with Kobo Writing Life was something new to me. You can find our guidelines for book suggestions in the form. Produced by the Publications Department of the ASCE.

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Do you want to compose or work on a book? Are you looking for a publishing house? It is our aim to always debate your suggestion and we are deeply committed to supporting you through the process in a pleasant and positive environment. Satisfied writers and readership are our top priority.

When you want to publish quickly and efficiently in an exceptional environment, become an editor with us. We have been active in the academic field for over 80 years as an organization with an extensive network of well-known academic associations in order to attract a broad and varied readership. As part of John Wiley & Sons, we provide an exceptional position of high-level specialist publications in all major academic and scholarly libraries and marketplaces around the globe, both by conventional means and the latest electron-technologe.

Become part of our specialist writers group! Our editors look forward to working with you on your book - with a love of academia and a love of publication!

This is how you publish with us

We are always interested in suggestions for new titles. For a better idea of where your book is going, please see our text types description and the suggestions below. Consult an editorial office if you are not sure where your book is going. We kindly ask you to send your suggestion only to the journalist whose area of responsibility best suits your area of expertise.

Sending a suggestion to more than one contributor can cause great disorientation and slow down your work. A monograph is a high-level hardcover book intended for scientists and scholars in a particular field and sold mainly to a library. A monograph, which can be published as individual or collective volumes, makes an inventive scientific input to its field.

For a PDF of the Proposal Guidelines, click here. In addition, we publish text books for the latest fields of study as well as the most common and for use in Bachelor's and Master's-degrees. The textbook should be the principal work of a course and (2) complementary - although it does not familiarise the student with the basic ideas and debate of a particular field, a complementary text is classified as a second or third book or purchased as a second-buyer.

A book of this kind would address both academic and student audiences and can offer an inventive scientific case or deal with a theme so that people can buy it. For a PDF of the Proposal Guidelines, click here. Manuals and Companions offer a topical survey of classical and topical research, controversy and debate as well as forthcoming developments in a field or sub-discipline.

Every handbook brings together new commissions from an internationally selected staff of experts and is presented and contextualised by senior experts to give consistency and authoritative input to each work. Manuals are primarily intended for the global academia libraries and are used (and in some cases acquired individually) by graduates, scientists and aftergraduates.

The manuals are first of all edited in bound form, whereby a later publishing as pocket book is possible. For a PDF of the Proposal Guidelines, click here. We combine top-class research with the latest scholarships and use them in practical applications. These can be for example textbooks for psychiatric practitioners, schoolteachers, photographs or research workers working outside the city.

As there are very different market conditions for these titles, it is best to speak to a specialist journalist before you begin to develop your book suggestion to ensure that your book is appropriate for our range. For a PDF of the Suggestion Guidelines, click here.

They are 20,000 to 50,000 words and will be released within three month as eBooks and in Hardback as Printed on Request. Fokus magazines are sold worldwide in all our domestic and local stores and are a great read for scientists, undergraduates, scientists, experts and practicians, but also for those who work in think tank and political groups.

You can find out more about the benefits, the size and the size of the project in our Focus Proposal Guidelines. For a PDF of the Proposal Guidelines, click here. Go on to find out more about advertising your book. First find the section and journalist you want to work with. Have a look at the PDF.

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