How to Print your own Book at home

Getting your own book printed at home

When you have a good laser printer with a duplex unit and a Linux PC (or Mac), you can easily print your own books. Proffesionally printed brochures from every PDF. Choice of size and binding. This office/home printer is not designed for letterpress anyway. Create your own chapbook or small book with desktop publishing software and a printer.

Making, printing and binding your own book

Creating your own book can be a great way to make an individual present, or a utility to keep your own work, your own on-line contents, or anything else you want to have a copy of physically. This may seem a little discouraging at first glance, but we'll take you through the page layout, print and bind proces.

If you have a well composed book, it might be the ideal hand-made present, especially if you fill it with some of your best recipies, a children's piece of art, your own story or even just daily itineraries. If you don't want to make a book as a present, you may find your 200 Instapaper items left behind on the monitor a little overpowering, but it' s a little bit more manageable in book notation.

Customize your own personalized annual calendar, make your own zines, or print PDFs. When you have chosen which words you want to use, you want to receive them in the text editor of your choise so that we can turn them into a PDF. When you have selected your contents, you must choose the book sizes, how you want to organize the pages and how you want to tie them.

It is important because the print quality varies according to the type of print you want to use. Prints a collapsed booklet (also known as imposition): It can be difficult to print pleated pages. Suppose you have a 24-page book you want to print. To collapse the pages, pages 1-2 and 23-34 are printed on one page, so you must have a number of pages that can be divided by four (you can fill blank pages on the back if necessary).

Whole page printing: It' much simpler to print, but remember that your book should still be double-sided. Print first prints all uneven pages, then reverses and prints the even pages on the opposite page. When you have a duplex print system, this is done automatical.

Creating imposition pages: Because you can print whole pages in any text editor, the simplest way to tie whole pages is perfect bound or helix. In this way, you only have to make sure that the pages are printed in the correct order.

With InDesign, you can simply generate imposed pages, but for those with a limited budgets, we'll take a look at one of the ways you can have a page converted using any wordprogramm. When you print on A4 sheet you want to reduce the page sizes so that the text will not be smaller later.

For this you must set your page to 4. 25 "X5. 5" with at least one inches of margin on all pages in the page settings (Word: Page Setup. OpenOffice: Page Setup > Page Setup). Before you can exported the pages to an imposed PDF document (Word: Datei > Speichern unter > PDF. OpenOffice: Datei > Als PDF exportieren).

You can use your drag-and-drop version of your document to use a number of conversions. You must specify your print settings in each of the above tools. You probably want to stay with your first book with saddlestitching, then print twice to split the pages in two.

There' are many ways to try, so keep playing with them until you find a print you like. Some older MS Word documents have a "Print Booklet" feature, so please see File > Print > Preferences to see if you can do it this way.

Scribus is a cross-platform, free desktop application for Mac, Windows and Linux. People say you shouldn't evaluate a book by its envelope, but let's face it: your book is nothing without keeping it together. When you want something easy, you can get your letter-sized printout tied up in a copy center for a few bucks, but if you're looking for something with a little more flavor, you might consider some of these choices.

When you' re looking for a way to make your book more stunning, there's no better way than to choose the ever-impressive high-cover. It is a good way to make your book stable and allow you to remove or add new pages. Most of the material can be purchased from a DIY superstore or arts shop, and you will need a booklet, clipboard, clamps, adhesive, waxed wrapping papers and canvas.

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