How to Prepare Ebook

This is how to prepare Ebook

You have a folder containing all the files that make up the eBook:. Ready your eBook for self-publication on the Internet. Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing is the biggest opportunity to publish an eBook.

Allows you to self-publish your Word documents for Ebook

It' a good idea to get your Word script for eBooks with the Nuclear Approach. This may have taken month or years, but eventually your Word file is finished and your new eBook has become your definitive work. Unfortunately, during this long hassle of input ting, correcting, copying and pasting, on top of the ratings and changes made by your betat reader or an editors, the end results may look good to you on your desktop, but in fact your Word file is an utter confusion of context menu items, so you need to prepare your Word script for publication.

This is definitely not what you get with a Word file. One of the things here is what it really looks like and why it would be an accident if used to make an ebook. At the top is the Word window, and at the bottom is the source used to tell your monitor what to do.

On this picture above is text in color gray and violet is concealed cod. There' s more text than text. In order to review your Word documents as shown in the picture above, please store a copy of your documents under.htm. Open this new uploaded page in your web navigator and choose Page Source from the Viewer or Developers menus.

There' will always be coding because it is necessary to reformat your text. But over the long periods of writing a textbook, a great deal of unneeded source text can build up. It is the text that is scanned and not the text you see on your computer monitor. If a Microsoft Office text file is used to be transformed into an eBook by Kindle Direct Publishing, Smashwords, Google Play or any other on-line eBook publishing company, it is the text that is scanned and not the text processing text that you see on your canvas.

Any number of faults that occurred during the write operation are within this coding. They can contain erratic typefaces, different heel formats, line separations and line feeds, and concealed information, as well as an authors name that may not be you if your Word application is not in your name.

Yes, a great deal of information is saved in Word either in . html or . html, according to the type of files you use. So, once you think your Word script is good for publication, the very first thing you need to do is clear your text and begin again.

To do this, your entire script, i.e. every individual text, is converted into simple text and recopied into a new Microsoft Office work. You do this by selecting the entire text in your script, copy it and past it into a text edit. In either application, open a new text in a new text copy from Microsoft Office.

Then, store it as pure text in a new text format. You' ll see your script either in Notepad or Text Edit in clear text, which means it's completely blank. It' done, now is the moment to move your text back into a new and neat Word-Dokument. You can copy the text into your new conversational text editing screen, then open a new Word spreadsheet and insert your conversational text into Word.

Then, store it under a new filename in either Word or Word formats. However, DO NOT override your current script! Retain it as the source template in case you need to access it at any time along the publication line. Now, with a new, neat and flawless Word copy of your script, you're all set to prepare your text for the ePub.

In order to reformat your Normal Text Word documents and be prepared for upload to an ebook publishers on-line, please reference our preceding posting on how to reformat an ebook and how ways to make your text perfectly suitable for ebook reader. For additional verification, you should transform your new Word to epoxy and mobile to see how your new eBook will look like.

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