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Like one Ebook on Amazon publishes

However, this is not the case and should not be a stumbling block for you, as Amazon will automatically convert your eBook when you upload it. We will announce the funny results next week. Amazons Kindle Crackdown on Poor Quality Ebooks E-book writers and editors who are ignoring output alerts at the moment of publication, or later, on Kindle Direct Publisher (KDP) now face the realities that warned the reader that their e-books are inferior. Hopefully this step will reduce the number of Kindle frauds that have no place in self-publication.

Several alerts can now appear on the sell side of an eBook in the Kindle Store, clearly pointing out that the eBook data has problems with them. Moreover, concern regarding ebook qualitiy from Kindle ebook shoppers can also cause an ebook turnover page with a heads-up.

Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing has a help page, Guide to Kindle Content Qualitiy, which gives all the detail on all questions related to ebook qualtity. This brief extract, however, makes it clear that there are two possible outcomes to the publication of inferior e-books. Combining the effects on the literacy experiences of a books with excessively distracting or destructive problems can cause the books to be taken out of the market until the adjustments are made.

If there are a modest number of distraction or destruction problems, the product may be offered for purchase, but with a transient QA alert on the book's detail page at until correct. Thus, the punishment for bad ebook is either hideous alerts on the sell-side, or dismantling an ebook from the sell-side and more bad news as per the samples below.

Every single one of these hints is of course an immediate hit man, and no writer with the right sense would want them. It is not only these alerts that deter ebook purchasers, but also purchasers of printed textbooks. When an ebook is interspersed with mistakes, there is no question that the pocketbook will be just as poor.

I believe from my own point of view that this Amazon approach is long past due and that it will be warmly appreciated by any hard-working self-publisher and will help to cut the number of Kindle scams. Amazon's campaign is therefore a big and beneficial move forward if you take a firm stand to get rid of the garbage.

Unfortunately, this new alert programme is currently only available at We can only hopefully Amazon will introduce this in all Kindle stores as soon as possible. It' not a pleasurable thing to do, but sometimes you may want to review an ebook that will disappoint you because of bad formating, ample grammar mistakes or lots odd types.

After clicking on the links, you can fill in a contact information sheet with the problems you have encountered. Since e-books can be displayed on different equipment in different ways, you should fairly include your equipment in your entry.

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