How to Plan a Story

Planning a story

Worse still, some children simply copy literally what they wrote in their plan as the real story! During this activity, students use story elements to plan their own story. Find out how to plan your movie with storyboards. The use of pre-writing techniques and the inclusion of storyboards in the process enables the best film production.

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is to make the storyline great.

This is a very large part of what the story is about, as we will see below. If that'?s all, why don't we just use the word'plan'?

The conspiracy is a big part of it.

It is also part of the action to withhold information from the readers.

How can you give the right hints at the beginning or in the center?

A particularly good example is Shakespeare's Macbeth.

Thriller literacy is also a good way to read the story - it's all in the cues! Or you can go to Tony's website or twitter with him.

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