How to Plan a Story

Planning a story

Well plotted stories are exciting, an exciting book your readers can't get rid of. Generating this eloquent passion does not usually happen with a brilliant character or event in a book. When you write a new series, planning is especially important. When you have a solid idea for your work, it is a good idea to plan your story. "Emma has created this lesson plan to encourage everyone to explore writing stories with their students.

Planning a story

One fact: The story goes on until the last of the galleys is taken out of your hand and the press does not take any more phone call from the publishing house, from the editors or from you. We' re going to the very end. Aim is to create a novel or story, not typing and binding many pages.

Learn to plan your novel before writing it. Jann Martel, writer of Life of Pi, takes very detailled note of each section. He turns his section memos into section overviews. Writing for each of his main storylines, incidents, and conflict, he then proceeds until he completes his compilation of story-forming sections.

To compare: Michael Ondaatje, The English Patient, should be able to type on the spur of the moment with his ingenuity. There is a tendency for the book, the chapters or paragraphs to go its own way, bringing its protagonists into unwanted backgrounds, distractions and intricacies. In most cases, these in turn miss to supplement or, even more badly, to remove the main story by introducing incidents or characteristics that do not concretize this story.

In a novel, for example, which begins with the message that the remnants of an uncles body were found that was murdered in battle, long detail about the call or the wire, about the crate in the loft that no one has ever opened, about the incident, to find the remnants, all have the ability to tell the story about how the uncles body was murdered and what, five or ten or seventy years later, that is.

To know what history is and to tell it, not to type the permuations that distract it. So how do you plan your story? A: sketch your story, but start at the end of the story.

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