How to Pitch a Book Idea to a Publisher

Suggesting a book idea to a publisher

Agent: How to present your book. Demonstrate understanding of the publishing business. The book proposal argues why your book (idea) is a saleable, marketable product. I have no idea how big the market is for my book." To publish a book - that sounds like it should be pretty feasible, doesn't it?

Agents: How to present your book

Most of the writers published by us, especially novels, will be present with a frahling. Curtis Brown's Frahlingin, Cathryn Summerhayes, speaks to us about what she is looking for in a pitch from a new author. How soon should an author contact an agents - should he complete his book first?

Belletristically, whether you write for grown-ups or kids, it always makes a lot of good business not just to end your book, but to rework it, get some readership (not your mother and father), and redesign it until you have the feeling that you have brought it to the absolute best point that you can reach without the help of an agents and/or publisher.

The initial design of an editor is never released - and an editor really wants to feel that you have worked really long, that you have worked really well, that you have worked really long with your script and that you are committed to doing it right. So, what are you looking to write for a substitute? What is the best way for a novelist to present his book to a friend?

Do you have a really good feeling for where your book will be on the shelf? Do you know the agents you submit to and do research, for example by saying: "I thought you might like my work because I see that you are representing the X-Author". Is it Star Wars rencontre Bridget Jones ?

And, really, shine your "back of the book" descriptive of a few hundred words to put in your entry note. Ensure that your first page is KILLER so you have the agents on the line immediately. You would be surprised how often I see things like "I would like to be replaced by United Agents" (I work for Curtis Brown).

At Sloppiness proposes that your work becomes rotten and that you may not be a good self-editor, and eventually that you may not be the best contributor for me to rep. It' s nice to get a very clear feeling that the playwright is there because he loves to write, not because he sees pounds flash.

Demonstrate your comprehension of the publisher industry. Encyclopaedias that your assigned agency has acted for. Type a note that says it all - just as you expect it from your book. Here you can submit your script to Curtis Brown. For a complete listing of frahlings in the UK, the best place to find them is the Writers' & Artists' Yearbook.

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