How to make your own Story Book

To create your own story book

Compose a parody or a retelling of a classic story. Put yourself, your friends or your family in a story or situation that you like. Utilize your imagination to create characters and an action that are all your own. Find out why beautiful works of art inspire you to write and share your stories. Wonderfully illustrated by hand and individually tailored to each child.

Writing your own story book: Freely imprintable

Stage 1: Downlaod the free typeface "Print Clearly". Do you want to work with the "Print Clearly Dashed" release? You may be revising your own favorite story, but your story will undoubtedly be fun - it's always fun to see what parts they contain and what parts they don't! Stage 3: Edit your story in a text editor - have the page laid out in horizontal and make the text large, with only one or two phrases on each page.

If they are better at typing characters, the smaller the characterize can be. Stage 4: Printout a stack with the first page down and the last page up. You know that they are okay if you keep the right side and can "scroll" through them, like a genuine book - text on the lefthand side; a empty page on the right.

You must add an additional empty page between the title page and the first page. They can be glued together or simply empty so that your baby can paint on them. Stage 5: Tack cleanly on the lefthand side to turn your stack of prints into a book. Stage 6: Let your children track the messages so that they are "really" from them.

Stage 7: Now make her select something from each page to paint next to it so that her words and pictures tell a story. Make it your fairy tale that evening - they will get a big buzz from you when you read "their" book.

Create your own story book

Make Your Own Story Book Contest takes place every year and draws youngsters from all over the country. This contains categorys for storybooks and storybooks. Victors will be honored at an August ceremony. The winner will be named at an awards ceremony on Sunday, August 19, and will be added to the children's programmes section after that date.

For all WA candidates from preschool to 8th grade, this contest is open. Submissions from schools and individuals are welcome. Winners' contributions will be presented at the awards presentation on 19 August.

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