How to make your own Hardcover Book

To create your own hardcover book

Glue the end pages to the inside of the envelope. Find out how you can bind your own DIY hardcover book. Stitch signatures into a text block and then make a fabric and chipboard cover. Create your own books with this simple hardcover bookbinding technique! This hardcover is made of black linen, wrapped in a laminated binding in full colour.

Hardcover DIY Book Tutorial, Part 1

I' ve got five signs, but you could have more. Measuring ½ inches from the top and bottom edges and marking with a marker on the back. Pile the signs. Then use clothes pegs to attach them together, and then lengthen your markings along the back of each one. I label each marker in alphabetical order from right to lefthand.

It is not necessary because it facilitates installation for the first two ledgers. You can use a very large pin (e.g. a doll's needle) to push through any marking directly on the vertebra. Beginning from the outside, insert the pin into pin A of the first number. Pass through Loch A, then into Loch C and through the last Loch D. Place the second shelf-note on the first.

Now we will save both signs by going back in the first one in the C. Move through letter A on the first shelf mark, then up and in letter F on the second shelf mark. Now bind the loosely attached dick from A with your stitching string.

While we are making progress, we will always save the top layer of the underneath. It is useful to shorten the middle side of the last stitched call number to keep your place. Attach the third shelf mark to the batch and go to the right in I. Then go down and back in F on the second shelf mark, and through G. Go up and in K on the third shelf mark, and off through L. To save the end, push the pin under the stitches that holds the first two shelf marks together and tighten them.

Now, the forth petition. Let's move our video to keep our place. Move down and in K on the third shelf mark, and off by J. Move up to the 4th shelf mark and in M, and off by M. Save at the end by pushing the pin through the stitches that holds the two forerunners.

I' m on my fifth and last one. To save extra digital signing, you would redo the above procedure. When you have reached the end of your last petition, push the pin between the tricks as usual. Then, push it under again and insert the needles through the loops in the yarn.

A stitched sentence of book production is called a text pad. You need a so called PVA adhesive. I like Aleene's Acid-Free Tacky Glove because it is acid-free, doesn't run and stays elastic after drying. Most of the whitewash adhesives will work, however, even Elmer's schooldab. Stick in the back of the book.

When using clothes pegs, you need to stick the areas you can reach, hold them together, then move the pegs to stick them underneath. Trim one part of the ligament to the length of the vertebral column plus 2in. Gently scorch the end of the tape with a cigarette lighter to avoid the tape shredding, then stick the tape 1 in. over the back.

Folds two pieces of coloured sheet in the middle so that they are the same size as your textblocks. Slice a 3 " cardboard waste of the same size as your text pad. Tuck the spinal column around and folds it. That strengthens the spinal column. Apply adhesive to the carton and stick to the back.

Insert into the book compactor or the video clips. I will also exchange with Sakura' s Gelly Roll® pen design for the decoration of the Rub-Onz foil and for the design of the inside of your magazine.

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