How to make your own Book

To create your own book

Make a space where you can present and preserve your poems, drawings and thoughts. Of course, you can customize yours to be on any topic you want! Perhaps you just want to print a copy to see how good our print is? Perhaps you just want to know how good it feels to hold your own book in your hands? Transform your digital photos into a unique printed photo book.

Make your own book!

Make your own book! Here you will learn how to create your own book. I only use adhesive for the bind. You' ll need a pair of shears, a piece of papermaking material, some thickness of sheet or board, PVA adhesive, an adhesive cleaner, a blade, a pencil, and a piece of papermaking film.

First, you need to trim some sheet of hard copy to the desired format. Let's say you want a book in 15x10cm format. However, you have to put 1cm on one page of the book. Adds the 1 cm to the side where the bindings should be.

It would be 16x10cm because it would be a book in horizontal size. Take care not to chop off the small pieces, you only scratch them to make the sheet easy to unfold. When you have counted all pages, unfold them along the selected line. Remove the PVA adhesive.

Use other adhesives if you can't find PVA, but it doesn't adhere as well, and the pages really must adhere together, otherwise your book will be crumble. Spread some adhesive on the bent part of each side. You may find it better to practise first, as it can be difficult to get the right amount of adhesive.

When you use too much, your pages will wrinkle, when you do not use enough, the pages will not cling together. Begin with the first one, put the adhesive on and paste the next side, making sure that the two outside edges match. Irrespective of whether the bond does not match, this part of the book will no longer be seen when it is made.

Be sure to open the book to ensure that the pages do not get stuck together. You have to remeasure your book for the front and back. I was 16 when my book was published. The front and back of the book have to be doubled in length, so in my case 16.

Trim two sheets of this sized piece ofaper. Use the same type of wrapping material that you have for the pages, or different colored papers, whatever you want. When you have your two sheets of papermaking tape, unfold them in the centre. In order to do this, put some adhesive on the normal place, the small pleated piece of pap.

On the back is a little more tricky, because you don't have any instructions how much adhesive you can use there. As a rule, I think of a 1 cm long line on the back of the book jacket, affix it and then affix it. While everything dries, you can make the book jacket ready for it.

If you want a real hardcover, you need a powerful map, while if you only want a hardcover like I made for this book, heavy tissue will be enough (like magazines). Now, trim two cards with these dimensions.

Obtain the piece of hardcopy you want to use for your book. Put the two covers next to each other and leave a space between them. The width of the weave must be the same. When using thick board, you must also insert the width of the board on each side of the weave into the space.

Always put the book between the two covers to find out how much room I have left. Glue the map to the top of the case. Use PVA again, but make sure not to use too much, otherwise the sheet will wrinkle. On each side of the map, place about one centimeter of the topcoat.

Adhesive should be applied all over the board so that you do not get any bad blisters on the lid. Trim the borders of the lid, but not too near the map. Adhesive is applied to the rest of the covering film. First, turn over the outside right and lefthand sides and stick them onto the note.

Then flip over the top and bottom covers and affix. Your book covers are now available to connect to the book! Grab the inside of the book and turn it around. Adhesive is applied to the entire back of the book. Take the binding of your book and place the back of the book in the space you had before.

Adhere the back to the inside of the envelope from there. Put some adhesive back on the front page of the book. Grab your envelope and make sure that the bindings are very near the envelope and do not leave any area in-between. Then, completely enclose the book and paste the front page sleeve.

Open the book gently to make sure everything is in order. lf so, put a little bit of weight on the book to keep it all together. Afterwards, make sure that no pages are glued together.

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