How to make Photo Books Online

Making photo books online

Make your photo book online. When you have finished designing your book, click on the green "Order" icon to submit your photo book. You will be redirected to the Photobook Worldwide online order page. You can order your online album as a photo book to enjoy your albums everywhere. You can download the free software today and create a book to be proud of.

Online Quick Start Guide | Photo Book Malaysia

Choose your kind and format of books. To personalize your projects, click on "Start Book". Log in or create an affiliate profile to store your projects. Hint: You can choose "Continue as guest" to try out the programme. In order to store the projects you have to log in. Use the " + " symbol to attach images to your projects.

Choose Upload and choose the photos you want to use. Then your photos will be placed in the "Pictures" drawer on the lefthand side and you can use them in your projects. Platformfor photos under 5 megabytes and 300 DPI only. Dragging and dropping a photo into the image window inserts it.

If you want your photo to be a frame, wallpaper or expanded, you can use the "Adjust" item in the menu bar directly in the middle of the expanded area (along the shadowed area). Crop - Crop frame by drawing the frame inside the frame. Rotate - Selects the photo and uses the "Alignment" feature in the menu bar.

In the menu bar, choose the "Layout" feature and the required page format. Enhance your pictures by selecting "Improve" from any field of the screen. Add extra effect to your pictures. Enhance your pictures with new functions like Border, Shadow, Opacity!

To open the clipboard, click the Advanced tool. Choose the photo and click on the symbol to erase the photos. If you want to choose more than one frame, press and hold Ctrl/Cmd, then choose the screens. Drag-and-drop a template onto the screen. You can find various pre-defined background options under "Background" in the menu bar or use your own pictures as background.

Notice: Make sure that an icon is pasted into the frame. If not, the photo frame would be empty. Paste text and photo frames by click on any empty area of your website, choose "Add text frame" or "Add photo frame" in the menu bar. Please note: Make sure that all empty fields are full or empty to avoid errors during checkout.

When you have completed your design, click on the labeled "Order" to send in your photo album. You will be redirected to the Photobook Worldwide online order page. Do not place important items (e.g. faces, text fields, etc.) directly in the middle of the area (along the shadowed area).

Choose the binding materials (for embossed or Pro Series books). Choose a slip case, hardcopy upgrade or display case (if required). Choose the type of shipment.

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