How to make Photo Book

To create a photo book

Momento makes it easy to create your own personal photo book. These are some tips for getting started. Enhance your images by clicking on any image field and selecting "Enhance". Create a soft cover or hard cover photo book to share your memories. At present, photo book printing is only possible in the USA and Canada.

Creating a photo book

Making a photo book is simple and there are 2 ways to get it started. Begin on the photo book page. Choose the book you want, its format and look and click CREATE THIS PHOTO BOOK. Here you can choose from one or more photo galleries (you need at least 22 pictures for a photo per page and cover, but you can choose as many as you want).

You can click on SELECT PHOTO'S TO PADE to insert them into your book. Or select your pictures in your photo gallery first. When you have chosen it, click on "Create book" in the navigation bar on the lefthand side. Click on a book on the book page and select the desired book format and book style.

Click on MAKE THIS PHOTO BOOK to go to the bookmaker with the chosen pictures. You will be asked to place your pictures in the book quickly and easily or to place them by hand. The quickest and simplest way to make a book. Then you can move your pictures, rearrange pages, etc.

Once you have made your selection, you will be taken to your book, where you can view your photo library and move the photographs into the PHOTO HERE box or anywhere on a page. Dragging many pictures to one page! You can' t resize a book once you start to create it, but you can use the options panel on the lefthand side to modify your book layout, page layout and many other things (and reverse anything you don't like).

If you begin a book and don't have enough to finish it, you can store your work and go back to work later from your PROJECT page. Some short demonstrations of how to create a photo book can be found in these tutorials: Please refer to these questions for more information on photo book options:

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