How to make my own Book

Where can I make my own book?

When you want to design a book cover yourself, you can rely on some well-known crowdsourcing platforms and websites. Some free or paid online tools are available to help you do better. At Canva, we save your art so that you can return and make changes later or on another day. I have been challenged for some time to find a way to meet the high demand for high-quality book cover design. Quick and easy to use with instant downloadable results.

Hardcover DIY Book | Case Bookbinding Tutorial | Sea Lemon

I' ll show you how to tie a book with a hardback. Irrespective of the type of covering you use ( "fabric or paper"), if it is really thick, you should increase its width (e.g. 2mm) to the "slit width". In this way, the width is compensated and the covering can still be hanging over the text area.

Make your own book of arts

Include a catalogue of your artworks in book form in your online tool box. Given the ease of access to almost any type of offprint today, many artist have published bound volumes of their workbooks. Because they are available without minimum purchase, it is straightforward to modify the contents and individual items are straightforward to purchase.

Then use your bound book to encourage your work and at the same time make a nice souvenir or present. Maintain your own studios for your guests and open studios for your event. Ask for a bound book describing in detail the procedure of setting up a task force. A book gives a more sustainable and professionally designed impression than a booklet or picture card.

When the bought artwork is in the book, it is a question of arrogance for the new owners. Well, I' m sorry. Just get your books out. A lot of collector who cannot buy can really appreciate having a picture book of their work. Full-colour binding of your work could be just the right thing.

Learn more about your own book on Lulu, Blurb or BookBaby.

Create your own DIY book covers in MS Word! with templates - Creativindie Bookcover

For some time now I have been asked to find a way to meet the high demands for high-quality book art. Learning Photoshop or any other graphics designer isn't always simple. Amazon or Lulu's Illustrator Creator application is not too poor - but not great either. It was this vernal time that I had my final big break when I made the decision to create book art in Microsoft Word.

While I know it may sound insane, Word 2010 has some really great functions, and after some practice, I'm now able to do cover art in Word as well as I do in Photoshop. PS ) These cover art may seem old fashioned; this is because I modelled them after the best-selling book to show you that MS Word cover art fits almost any styles.

Those artwork patterns are just the beginning; after you've adjusted them, modified the font or color, and the image, the resemblance will be much less noticable. Like I say in the manual, you should always review the first few pages of your genre's best-seller listing to make sure your book doesn't look too much like a more notorious one.

And the great thing is that anyone can work with MS Word! They can substitute the items, photographs, colors and text and Word keeps all the preferences I've selected (there's even a layered feature so I can stay on each sleeve in several different text-layout!

This all means that for the first a self-published author will be able to provide a really simple way to use astonishing book covers and create a book that goes far beyond the home-made effort of most indies. Under my supervision you can quickly create your own book covers in MS Word, fully customise one of the layouts and in about 15 min you will have a very classy, high class and one-of-a-kind bookcase.

You can refresh the text, make changes and create your own continuation artwork at any time. And, instead of calculating my regular tariffs, I'll put together a set of 100 of these patterns in all different categories, and I'll be selling it cheaply (I'll also provide a free samples pack for those of you who can't pay to spend).

I' m fairly sure there's currently no other independent author products or packages that are anywhere near what these kit DIYs will provide, so I'm really thrilled with them. They' gonna be a big thing, and I'm working with some of the greatest big-name publishers to spread the word. It' a big one.

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