How to make and Sell an Ebook

Making and selling an ebook

As you earn your own eBook by sell: Fifteen paces (with pictures) Permit other e-zine publishers or website owners re-publish small chunks of information from your ebook with your byline or ad Include. Earn additional revenue from the sale of your eBooks updated each month. Or you could sell the additional never-published sections of your e-book. Then give away a free ebook and then give folks an option of purchasing the paying ebook of.

Also have others give away the free copy of your ebook. Dividing your ebook contents into reviews, then just give the choice of just buying information they want to do. Buy copyrights to other people's e-books and combine them with yours in a great packages deal or in a privately owned ebook libraries website.

Modify the advantages on your eBook ad copy toinks. If you click on it, you will be taken directly to the order page. It will give them the impulse to buy your eBook. Calculate a low cost to help folks get half of your eBook. When they like it, they can buy the full amount to get the other half.

That makes your prospective customers eager to buy. Make a cheap and high-priced copy of your eBook available.

View the advantages of each release side by side. Folks usually give a little more for additional information. Promote the reproduction of your eBook. They can sell the right at the normal selling rate or as a higher bid. Provide your ebook for off-line staff. Re-design your ebook for certain niche markets.

Ex: Turn a shop ebook into a handicraft shop ebook. Offer your prospective customers discounts on other items when they buy your eBook. Subdivide your eBook into on-line newsletters. Calculate a recurrent month-to-month subscriptions to see each edition.

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