How to make and Publish an Ebook

Creating and publishing an eBook

Rather, Tracy advises you to create an overview of your eBook. You can use a picture or get someone with a little know-how to make one for you. Keep in mind that a good cover is just as important for an e-book as for a printed book. Post articles in social media with a link to your eBook. To get started, simply follow this link to the Kindle Direct Publishing page, sign in to your Amazon account or create a new account.

Selling, making and marketing ebooks

D2D's main goal for 2018 is to help writers and writers get in touch with each other even better. As they put it, "In 2017, we've concentrated all our developmental strength and our energies on creating as many new things for the independent authoring world as possible. This has resulted in a dozen of astonishing utilities and ressources that make it so much simpler to develop and expand your authoring-careers.

Now we' re putting all this focus and effort into overcoming one of the greatest issues an independent writer can face: Findability means that your book is easily found by the reader. It is one of the main objectives of advertising, and for writers it can be the distinction between a passion atelier and a career.

Finally, you can hone your skills, investing in expert edits and cover art, turn your script into a professional-looking eBook or printing design and share it with some of the world's largest e-commerce merchants - but if no one knows it's there, your sale won't come. Resolving the discovery problem will not be simple, and it will not be done over night.

However, we have set ourselves the goal of using the same problem-solving capabilities and knowledge that have made Draft2Digital the best eBook sales services in the world. All-purpose Book Links (UBLs). Launched in 2016, we now have more than 200,000 UBL' s in the wild, which generate million of hits. The UBL is used by writers to advertise their works on web sites, in corporate communications, a podcast and video, even on print.

It' ever-green hyperlinks that take your reader wherever your product is selling on-line, with a unique, customisable link. We' ll create a plattform that will help you advertise your work to the people you' re going to like! When we finished in 2017, we added a new function to our UBL' s that had writers on their wish-lists.

You can now quickly browse your UBL' s to find exactly what you need to review your information, create new store windows or make other changes quickly. Authors pages - Another function in great demand, which we are happy to provide! Authors Pages offers you a unique opportunity to make your work known to your readership, with a biography of the authors, a photograph and a book index that will be kept up to date with the growth of your catalogue!

It will be nicely presented, with a title picture and a short UBL to get it into the reader's hand quickly and easily. Plus, you have all the information that UBL' s make available, as well as their capability to trap subscriber associations from various merchants.

User-defined bookshelves - you can assemble your book as you like! Enhanced UBL analysis - More datasets mean more controls, and UBL' s are revised to give you better analysis. Gain a closer look at your reader, their customs and tastes! Books2Read is developing both in the limelight and behind the scene with new functions and tools that will make it easy for your reader to work.

In the course of next year we will provide these and other functions as quickly as possible to make your author's lives and your authoring careers more enjoyable. We can' t look forward to seeing what it means for the independent authoring world. Browse this blogs for news about independent publishers and self-publishing.

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