How to make an Electronic Book

Creating an electronic book

Originally it was published on Joel Friedlander's wonder resource site, How to Export Your InDesign Document as an Interactive PDF eBook. Making an eBook (Kindle, Epub and Smashwords). Only after the article was published, when I saw and read the feedback from all of you, did I think about creating an e-book based on the article.

Making an e-book (Kindle and epoxy conversion) DIY Book Design & Formatting templates

for the free book style sheets. At the top is a tutorial that explains the fundamentals of eBooks publication, reformatting and converting. Upload the tutorial below to see how to change from Word (.docx) to epoxy and mobile format with my free e-book converting utility. However, I'm starting here to add single clips for each and every e-book creation methodology (from InDesign, via Scrivener or Jutoh, etc.); I am planning to have about 25 of them.

I recently had a few user-defined e-book reformatting and enhancement utilities build. E-book Convert and Reformat Tool. Regardless of what kind of book you publish, e-book sales are probably your largest numbers. So, even while you are reformatting for printing, you should think of e-book converting. The following are some different ways to convert your documents to epoxy and mobile and to format a Smashwords spread.

"Ebooks " are digitally produced books that can be viewed on trays and smart phones. While most eBookshops use a filename named "epub", Amazon/Kindle uses a slightly changed filename named "mobi". "Most bookstores have their own reader and bookshop, but some firms like Smashwords, BookBaby and Lulu are offering "distribution" - which means they ship your e-book to all on-line merchants and follow the sale for you.

" As a result, those who use different readers can adjust their own settings, font styles and text sizes to customize the viewing experiences. In order to do this, e-book-format uses something very similar to HTML cod. I was frustrated when I began to learn e-book sizing. I' ve tried to tackle it like a printed book and add pictures and specific themes and type.

Whilst this is possible, my complicated codebase on Kindle or Barnes & Noble would look good, but could be weird on Kobo. It' very difficult to make your files look the same everywhere. That' s why most major publishing houses use the simplest and simplest e-books without any decor.

If you try to use a drop cap or a specific format, it might even look fun. Just keep it that way. I' m taking a photo of a pile of ledgers on my Kindle to give you an idea of what they look like. That may seem daunting, but it should be liberating: you don't have to expend much of your electronic book's full power or effort, just make sure they work and are tidy, and folks can literate your book without distractions.

When your book is in an MS Word document, you should have stored a single copy before you formatted it for printing. That' because your book must be fairly easy to transcode it to your e-book. Here is my Word file: It' s quite easy and I think, so I'll try to use an autoconverter first.

I' ve created a basic converting utility on my book cover page that allows you to test things quickly. Please click on this hyperlink to try it:(free e-book transformation tool). My Kindle app did not open the mobile phone log files for some reasons (I'm having it checked). However, the epoxy-design looks great!

Fortunately, there is a very easy way to create mobile phone data from the epoxy. Get the Kindle Previewer app for your computer to use. Simply pull your epoxy into the programme - it will be converted and the new one will be saved in the same directory as your epoxy-profile.

You can also use as many previews as possible to make sure your Kindle library looks good. First, I click on "Add book" in the upper lefthand and select my book. I then click on "Convert books". "In the top right hand side of this screen, where "Output format" is written, I can select whether I want to print as Kindle, Epub or another one.

" When my basic convert didn't work and you need to correct something (e.g. remove distance between paragraphs), you can do it here. You can do this for either wobi and epoxy (or just use the Kindle Previewer trick), then click "Save to Disk" and select where you want to store it.

Lots of e-book formatter can take output at my first two suggestions-not the best way to make e-books and the source may not be super sober. For Kindle and the vast majority ofthe e-book projectors, the records just work fine. ÿÿÿ Besides, it's just better. However, if you want to want to know "do it right" - or you need to fix your e-book book record (for example, you have a spelling mistake you need) Sigil is your best wager.

Also, a free tool (click here to get it) Sigil lets you open epoxy pubs and make changes. This only works for epoxyBub, so you need to store your epoxy and create a new mobile phone profile. So I opened Sigil, went to "File" and "Open" and selected the epoxy I created from my website.

Each" section" is stored as a single html document - you can see it in the menue on the right. All of the text can be edited, added, deleted, just like in a regular text editor. You can also include italic, heavy text and easy editing from the main menue. In order to make easy changes, it is useful to get to know Sigil so that you don't have to rely on an encoder or formater over and over again.

When something strange is displayed, you can click on the "Code" icon (next to "Book View", which is the standard setting). When everything else is fine, you can click on "Tools" and verify that your covers, book meta data (details) and table of contents are correct (a click on "Generate table of contents" will insert all headers but you can disable any additional ones that should not be present).

You can then save the plugin again, then you can use the Kindle Previewer to turn it into it. Though easy is better, let's just put some extra class for enjoyment. At the moment, the style sheet is very easy, but I can do it. Click the "+" on the top lefthand corner, browse to your typeface folders and choose a typeface (you can also copy and past your typeface into the same directory as your eBooks).

To make it easier, right-click on the text and "rename" it into something simpler. Rather, I will settle for simply switching my sub-title to "h3" to emphasize it a little more. It just inserts the image into the application, but it is not inserted into the book; I have to press "insert" and "file" to select the image I just added.

There is one thing to note: my computer monitor is quite broad, but when I make the windows narrower (like most e-book readers), my subtitles break into two slashes. That' s a nuisance, but usual - the only way to fix it would be to make the text smaller. When you test it on some e-book readers and it always crashes, you might try a smaller one.

Most important is to do things right in the Word file instead of playing around with things in Sigil. The other way to make e-books (more professionally but more timeconsuming ) is to copy all the text from your Word documents and use an on-line tool like "" to make it clear.

However, it's still a bit of a soreness, and so either I use my free e-book creator, or I employ someone on to turn it into e-book for me, because there's really no need to attach styling, and it can actually jeopardize the game. One of the reasons is that if you code everything by hand, and the writer wants very particular types or changes, it can take a while.

So, if you want more control and you want a designers to be spending a great deal of ammount of in your e-books, and you want someone to help you out or fix things, if if you run into any issues, you are expecting to be paying more; but keep in mind you can do it for free or almost nothing if you keep things straight.

If you have your Microsoft Outlook docs ready, some major eBooks do not even have indentations in the first section, although it is simple to prepare your Microsoft Outlook docs correctly. Whilst Kindle occupies a large proportion of the e-book arena, it is a good way to store your book in other shops as well, especially Apple iBooks.

But it has to be cleaned up before it goes through the "meatgrinder" (their automated converting tool..... it's quite similar to the feature I have on my page that translates to Kindle and Epub formats).

Several vendors create a Smashwords image from your Word documents for about $10. For more help or assistance, see the master package of book style sheets. At the moment I've given away some insane bonus gifts to help you promote and market your book.

Do you need a book jacket? Get all book artwork from DIY Book Covers when you register for the master package. You' ll be learning the general styling errors that end sells, as well as the easy pinch that trebled my book sells. Also you can visit the book covers page or my where I help writers and artist to create and distribute their best work.

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