How to make an Ebook to Sell on Amazon

Make an eBook for sale at Amazon

You can sell ebooks at Amazon, Apple, Google, B&N, Kobo, Smashwords, Scribd and major retailers. As a result, Amazon can sell your book anywhere in the world from its website. One platform makes selling your eBook incredibly easy because people know who you are. However, selling at Amazon has some advantages and some disadvantages that I have discovered.

In which way does an eBook cost and what factors influence it?

You have to make a big choice before you hand out your ebook: how to evaluate the ebook. Unfortunately, there is no general response, but the following is what you need to know to make an educated one. eBook licensing fees, the length and perceptible value of your eBook and the costs of other eBooks in your category are some of the influencing elements in the eBook licensing process.

You' re paying a license fee on every eBook you buy. Books fees are a percent of the eBook sales prices, and this percent changes based on the merchant on line and the listed prices. The graph below shows the difference, with the percent showing how much of the prize you get: There are other variables, such as shipping charges and the countries or territories in which an eBook is bought, that influence your real license fees.

When your product is on Amazon $2. 99, you get 70% of $2. 99 or active $2.09. For the same amount you would get $2. 09 from an iBookstore sales, $1. 94 from a sales and between $1. 20 and $1. 64 for other merchants. As you are probably surprised, we should point out that by redistributing your copy on these pages, you must consent to sell the copy for the same amount everywhere, so you can not sell your copy for $2.99 on Amazon and more on to make the license fee percent notice.

As Amazon and are providing higher donations for accounts valued between $2. 99 and $9. 99, this is a good margin to remain in. As a matter of fact, the most common bought versions of the ebook are from $2. 99 to $3. 99 when $3. 99 is most clock. However, it is important to realise that a higher eBook cost structure means that you can earn more cash if you sell fewer copies.

The reader expects that short textbooks will become less expensive. In the case of literature and some inventive non-fiction titles (e.g. memoir, essay ), this means that an ebook that is less than 50,000 words in length is usually less than $2.99. This is a generally important term here because some merchants, such as Amazon, are attracted by hunter bargains, while others (e.g. Kobo) are not.

That means an ebook among 50,000 words assessed at $2. 99 might be regarded as too costly on Amazon but may well sell on Kobo. If you are an incumbent writer, your built-in fan base will often be willing to spend more on your work because they know you can do it. The length of the textbook is less important for non-fiction materials, especially self-help and accounting materials, because it is about the value your contents offer.

When your ebook is brief, but it fully changes a person's life on or it will teach someone how to make millions, folks are willing to pay a higher price. ebook is a great way to make music. Long ledgers should almost always be valued higher. Finally, it will take more work and more cash to create, process and release a longer volume, and you should be remunerated accordingly.

Remember, too high a level as a novice writer could mean fewer opportunities for you. There is also the psychological nature of price setting and how it refers to inferiority. "For example, a scholar considering a 99-cent product and a $2. 99 product can go with the statesman costly because she deliberation it is deed to be a superior (professionally backhand and edit) product.

Have you not yet chosen a prize? Browse for titles in your category and check eBook pricing. The number of other writers to charge for their eBook can limit the choices for your ebook. But do not choose the highest or lower one. And if the cost is too low, maybe folks think your story's below average.

Maybe if the cost is too high, folks won't make the jump. Prices may also vary depending on your audience. When you have an incumbent group of individuals who will buy your work, you may be able to rate your work higher in the similar area. However, if you want to create a readership lower rating your ebook to win Traffic and new audiences through pulse buying might be a better choice.

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