How to make an Ebook for free

Making an Ebook for Free

It is also possible to book your book free of charge or at a discount for five days. "When is the right time for this?" It' not always a good idea.

Make your eBooks permanent free at Amazon

Making an eBook for free? Authoring, processing and selling an eBook just to share it for free may seem a little counter-intuitive - and perhaps a poor corporate brand. In the Rescue Me Saya, she published this and the first volume for free to tempt the reader to buy the later volumes of the serial.

On the basis of their rankings, it was a great achievement to make the first book in their range free of charge. A further advantage of free eBooks is the possibility of using them as a kind of BIOPRO for small Business. We use free eBooks as one of the pillars of our eBooks business model.

Unfortunately, you cannot post your eBook and you cannot put the Amazon eBook at " free ". There is a reserve eBook of $0.99. This way Amazon makes an eBook free on the Kindle Shop is by using its proprietary algorithm to find a lower rate elsewhere in the eBook Market.

You' ll find a chick or the eggs puzzle, where you have to post your books somewhere else for free to be free on Amazon. Some providers and summaries allow you to rate your books for free. If you are publishing your eBook on these pages, you should post your eBook for free.

Once you have published it there for free, you can post your eBook on Amazon and offer it for $0.99. If you have the opt-in on your KDP eBookashboard that you want to make perma-free, do not register in KDP Select. As soon as your $0.99 Amazon commodity leaf is up, we suggest you enter your person and fan to go to the leaf for your eBook and document Amazon a berth cost.

You can find the link to it on the eBook products page at the bottom of the eBook in the section entitled Details and above the ratings. As soon as you click on "Tell us about a lower price", the visitor can announce the page and the cost at which your eBook is free. Sometime, and this can take years or even months, Amazon will release the cost of your eBook using their esoteric algorithms.

Supposedly Amazon can't release the album whenever they want, but that seems more of an exemption than an everyday event. We' ve seen that the release of an eBook by Smashwords and Draft2Digital doesn't make the Amazon calculation correctly discounted. With Google Play the perma free works virtually guarantee.

Doing this may have to do with Google, which gives your eBook a very large burst of surfing through Google's own searchengine, and allegedly the Amazon method finds other eBooks on the web. Unfortunately, Google Plays has an extremly clumsy and bewildering GUI, along with a completely strange filenaming-conventions.

It' difficult to believe that this is the same Google that made Gmail and Google Maps: two of the best web-based apps in the game. Hopefully the BB eBooks publication on Google Plays will help you control this gnu of a game. If you' re posting for free on Google Plays, please make sure you post to both the Google Playshop and Google Books: this is one of the choices when you post through the Google Book Partners Program.

As soon as your eBook is on Google Plays, there should be no longer any period until your Amazon eBook is perma-free. BB eBooks style sheets have not been loaded, so the site looks awful.

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