How to make an Ebook for Amazon

Making an e-Book for Amazon

Try your book with Amazon's online viewer to make sure it looks right. As you create your own eBooks and post them on Amazon

You have probably asked yourself whether it would be possible to earn a little bit of profit with your eBook or at least to get some recognition by sell it as an eBook at Amazon. If you' ve already made something readable, the eBook in Amazon isn't that annoying.

We will take you through the fundamental footsteps of how to make your own ebook today and you can sell your eBook in a few business hours. Both Sigil and Kindle Previewer are two free applications you need to build eBooks, so access them now. You will mainly work in Sigil, but you will need the Kindle Previewer to be able to work with MOBI for Amazon later.

Notice that there are many other ways to do this - even directly from your blogs to convert iPub. You must use Sigil to generate an eBub document. When you know HTML and Sigil's methodologies, you will get your HTML files created in a while.

The text contains your books sections, styles contain your own styles (but there is no need to insert your own), and pictures contain your picture data - which includes a 900 px copy of your artwork. In order to insert a section, go to the text directory, click with the right mouse button and select "Add empty section". In order to get pictures into the file, first go to the Pictures directory, click with the right mouse button and select "Add available files".

If you want to insert a picture into the text, you can use Edit > Insert > Picture as soon as your picture is in the Picture directory, but it is also possible to go to the coded version and use HTML to insert it in the following file name. Insertion of the picture rarely leads to coding mistakes.

You will also want to include a sleeve that needs its own section in the text directory. Use your preferred top-down technique to insert your title picture. Right-click on the text in the text directory and select "Add Semantics" and "Cover". You can also see a directory within the text by creating it yourself in a different section of text by associating it with each headline ID separately, which involves scanning the source text for each section to find it.

Right-click on the TOC section you created, select "Add Semantics" and "Table of Contents". Use File > Validate ePub or the big square in the tool bar to verify that your source is good. When you see bugs, please review the following things before you repeat the check: Have you used all the images you added to the Images subfolder?

Have you linked to images that you have forgotten to include in the images group? Have you inadvertently inserted a text into a track and thus created many items with the same ID (see code)? In this case, either modify the headers from the source text along with any headline formats, or remove the entire section, type something in "normal" format and insert it back into your orignal.

Store the eBub and a copy for conversion. Make sure you use a copy of your eBay Previewer and not the source, open the Kindle Previewer app. Then, move the document to the master area and allow it to conversion. The new MOBI is located in a subfolder of the currently formatted files after about one second.

Review it and see exactly how your new eBook will look on the Kindle. Go to Kindle Publishing at Amazon and sign in with your Amazon user name. Before you can post an eBook, you may need to enter your details and select a preferred language to get checks or wire transfer for your license fees.

Decide whether the plant should be DRM-driven, what percent of commissions you want and for how much you want to use it. Download your MOBI files, high-resolution covers files and store them for publication. Have an eBook Publishers Mystery to Sharing?

Are you successful with your eBook?

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