How to make an Ebook and Sell it

Making and selling an ebook

When you are looking to sell an ebook to make some money, this post will guide you through all the steps you need to take. Creating an ebook is not difficult. Select the format for the eBook (PDF or Epub) Make some effort with the design. Plan everything, from the introduction to the final paragraph.

Means of generating additional income: Selling and creating an Ebook on your WordPress site

Much as I have been a very big supporter of on this Blog, finds ways that you can generate revenue on the site to help accelerate your advance towards achieving your fiscal objectives..... The things I do to make a living online: For me, generating additional revenue is a second full-time position!

I' m making and selling my own e-books! Over in this pole I go through the making of an ebook from beginning to end, talking about the utilities you need to use, things you need to do to benefit it, and how to keep it producing revenue for the coming few moths.

Wherefore should I release an e-book? I' ve often been asked by folks, "Why would I want to make an e-book in order to regularly post contents on my website? Many good reason to make an e-book. It is a great way to generate additional revenue that you can contribute to your profits.

An eBook on your topic will help you to establish your reputation as an authoritative one. Complimentary eBooks are a great way to get your listings and website submissions subscribed! If you are looking to create an on-line make, and you want to find new ways to generate revenue, it is a great way to do it.

Do I need any of the following utilities to make my e-book? Lots of folks think that making an e-book is not something they could do because it would be too costly to buy the necessary TOOL. It is possible to make your e-book with open sources and free softwares and still have an amazingly nice endduct.

Here are some things you need to make your own e-book. You can use almost any text editing program to edit the contents of your e-book. Usually, the only condition is that you want a PDF (Portable Documents Format) PDF for the final ebook-reader.

I used a free open code application named to make my e-book, and that's what I would suggest. This has everything you need to build the e-book, which includes page templates (so I could make a page artwork and page backgrounds for all pages in the e-book), editing capabilities, link possibilities and of course - it allows you to save your files as.pdf files.

If you' re making your e-book, you'll most likely want to make pictures you want to have in your e-book, complete with a jacket, headers, footers and other pictures you can add to the contents to make it look more interesting. You will also need a photo editor to make artwork for your landings page, which you will generate later in this guide, and for banner ads that you can submit to partners.

It' not going to be an optional feature for most human beings. You can also employ someone to produce the artwork for your e-book and an e-book artwork if you want to invest a little in it. You can use Upwork to engage a graphic designer to produce for you. Make a Google searchengine according to the kind of graphs you want, and you will be able to find pre-made graphs that you can customise, or a piece of softwares that will have your graphs created automaticly for you.

Compiling your e-book will be a great deal of work, I assure you. If you are trying to come up with a theme for your e-book, it is probably best to type about something you have quite a bit to know on or something you can research and contract information on relatively readily.

I had also already covered the subjects and was able to reuse some of this information to incorporate into the e-book. So, what do you think exactly what you should be writing about - and what will be loved by your readership? In a brief 3-5-question poll, ask what you would like to see and which subjects interest you most.

Remember the character you write to: Consider the approximate individual who could buy your e-book, and think about what kind of queries they would have, and then respond to them. Browse the review of these titles to see what folks are saying about the subject and what kind of question remains unsolved.

One of the keys to picking your subject is to pick something that is relatively common, and type what folks want to know, not necessarily about what you want to type about (although it does help to type about something that you enjoy). Ensure that you are writing about the subject in an easy-to-understand manner and do not use a great deal of specialist terminology or businessese.

After you have selected a theme, it is a good idea to make a mental mappings for your e-book. I used mindmapping softwares for the iPod contact and the iPhone InstaViz. When I finished my mindmap, I created a general overview of my e-book and the subjects I wanted to deal with, using the mindmap as a basis.

When you have a subject and a general idea of what you want to post, you will want to be prepared to post your own e-book. You will need to use Open Office or another text editor to do this. Bulletin board I would normally do it as 8. 5?x or 6 page, as those numbers usually look good on most present.

You can use a plain typeface without much decoration for your e-book. Once in your spreadsheet, you can adjust the title page to have a wallpaper of page style, and then use a wallpaper containing your header/footer for the remainder of the e-book. If you are actually going to write your text, you will want to insert headings and subheadings, and usually the text is formatted differently from the text box.

Ensure that everything matches your topic. If you are going to make your own templates, you should consult the text processing documents. This should contain more detailed guidelines for page style creation, page background setting, and page resizing. When you have set up all these things in your submission, you can begin to write.

It will take a great deal of effort to type your e-book, and it will not be done in one session. Schedule writes, edits and rewrites. I' ve given myself one months to complete the e-book and I've taken the necessary steps every single minute to get it written on it.

If you are going to write your e-book, there are a few things you should try to do. You should do this so that no one can use your e-book without your permission and you cannot be made responsible for the activities of sites, third party and businesses to which you are linking within your post.

Present your e-book in the introduction. Discuss why you have written the script, how it can help others, and decide the sound for your work. A few suggest adding an "About the Author" page where you can contact your reader and personalize the e-book. They may also provide links to other contents, websites and online communities to which they belong.

Insert pictures to make it more interesting: Make sure you add striking pictures and graphs to the contents when you write your e-book. Some of the great things about e-books is that they can be reciprocal because you can trap connections to external contents, to other poles on your site and to other affiliate routines.

Don't get mad with left, but if something is pertinent, put a left in it. It' a good way to add a thank you page to your e-book to get in touch with your readership one last try, tell them what the next move is to encourage other contents or e-books and encourage them not to pass on the contents you've worked so hard on.

Add an image if you have one to personalise it. Some things you should keep in mind when you' re typing your e-book. There is nothing more serious than a blackout or a stumbling block over a mains cable and the loss of 1000 words of unstored typing. It'?s for your readers, not yourself: Ensure that you use a clear and focussed tone of speech.

Simplify it to make it understandable and avoiding the use of unfamiliar or baffling speech unless you need to. Plan on writing time: I have found that if I don't compel myself to type by giving myself a timetable and a target, it just won't do. Allow for a period of sitting and writing.

PDF Export: When you finish your e-book, be sure to save it in a readable format,.pdf. If you sell your e-book, it is often useful to have things you can combine with your e-book to make it more appealing. Available rewards or restricted times deals that get group to act and buy your e-book... NOW.

Stuff you can add as a bonus: In the case of an e-book on finances, add a zero-based budgeting table! I have added a few check lists with my e-book to supplement the contents of the e-book, mainly actions that they can be printed out. My e-book pack includes a. php3 copy of the e-book, so folks could hear the e-book on their way there.

In his new "Sell Your Crap" e-book pack, Adam Baker's premier pack contains videos of previews with other favorite blogs. About how to create a blogs entry? Add a pattern for posting a blogs entry. Bonuses e-books inclusive. My e-book pack contains a rewards e-book with tips from other top blogs.

I have added several bonus items to my e-book pack. When I did a second e-book with requested counsel from other specialists in the area, I created 2 check lists that were pertinent to the subject, and the most common - I compiled an audiobook. ýý ý? ver. of the e-book.

It' s taken a long while to put all these things together, but in the end I'm sure these free bonus have contributed to selling a bunch of e-books. Once you have generated your e-book and put together a bonus pack, you can set up a sell-landingpage.

Tip what a possible answer to the issue might be and present your e-book as a workaround. Perhaps you would even like to integrate a graphical representation of your e-book here. By this point, some folks may already be willing to buy. Just put your shopping knob there so these guys can do it.

testimonials from lucky eBook products customers are valuable. So I sent my e-book to a few select bloggers and asked them if they could give me a testimonial in exchange if they thought it was a rewarding one. Sale video: While this is not something you need to have, many people embrace a sale movie on their page speaking or speaking to them about the benefit of the produkt.

Enumerate the advantages of your e-book package: Say what the e-book can do for the readers. The eBook will help you earn $100/month on your blogs within 6M. I' m asking you: Promote your e-book and tell them how much it should be valuable and then tell them how much they have to spend.

You said at this point how much the parcel will cost, but you want to make the business sweeter by tossing something in it. I have thrown in some of my own checklist, a bonuses e-book and an ebook MP-3. Exactly tell the readers what to do - to buy the e-book.

A thing that is so great about the sale of an e-book is that once you have completed the e-book bundle, the landings page and other resource, it will essentially be earned passively if you do it right. In principle, you save your e-book on their server, place a slice of their codes on your sell page, and when someone clicks the submitter' click, they are directed to a safe checkout page where they can use PayPal, Google Checkout or a wide range of other methods of payments.

As soon as you have paid, you will receive an e-mail with a down-load address for your e-book-packet. I' ve found a WordPress plug-in named WP eStore, with which you can sell your own software directly via the WordPress administration area. You can even use PayPal to do this. If the client buys and funds your e-book, he will receive an automatic e-mail with a unique file name.

It' also will keep all your sell statistics, follow-up email, voucher code, item information and much more in one place. You do not need to go to another website to log in and view the sale statistics. A great way to boost your e-book sales is to create  an affiliate program so that others can further your project using their own uniquely affiliate associations.

When someone buys the e-book through their affiliated links, they get a slice, usually in the 20-50% area. It' a great way to advertise your e-book because your partners can contact someone you may not have been able to contact. I contacted a lot of other blogs I knew for my e-book by posting a free copy of the e-book and asking them to advertise it.

Build a series of advertisements that they can use to advertise your products - and of course make sure you are paying your partners on schedule, otherwise they won't advertise your game. Once you've prepared everything, it's a good idea to think about how you want to bring your e-book to market.

So here are a few things I did to get some buzzing go and benefit the e-book even before it ejected. Before you start, please state:: If you are posting about related contents, use the e-book on your website. Discuss it on Twitter, Facebook and other online communities, and even set up a mailinglist so everyone can participate in the introductory offers for the e-book.

As soon as the e-book has started, you have to keep up the enthusiasm. Blogger are always looking for free contents. Take a look around the other blog by adding one or two links to your e-book selling page. Create an affiliate programme and refer other people to your e-book.

Conduct one-on-one ebook reviews with other blogs. Regularly be in a related forums and put a hyperlink to your e-book in your shelf mark. Voucher code or temporary incentive offers during the introductory weeks or at other hours to promote the sale of the e-book.

Midsummer relaunches for public and private holidays, new releases etc: Find any excuses you can to restart the work for a public holiday because you have refreshed the contents, or for other reason. What can you sell your e-book for? You' ll listen to the tales of some peoples who find a favorite niche theme that ends up networking them thousands of dollars awhile in e-book sales while you' re hearing from others who only get a runnel of sales throughout the year.

So I think my e-book sells have been somewhere in the center, and I' m getting netted a few hundred bucks apart here and there. Even if it's not enough to get into retirement, it's still enough to improve my profit. What are the cost of producing my e-book? Building an e-book is a long and arduous task.

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