How to make a word Document into a Book Format

Converting a Word document to a book format

It simplifies the visualization of chapter position and page numbering. Select a text and click on the "Line options" tab. Choose the desired font. Margins appear as dashed lines on your document. It simplifies the visualization of chapter position and page numbering.

Creating a booklet or book with Microsoft Word

Brochures are documents on papers or brochures that provide information about an events. There is no need for unusual graphic design if you have the basics of Microsoft Word. It allows you to produce simple brochures that look both professionally and impressively. This article shows how to make a Microsoft Word based eBooklet.

In Microsoft Word, you can set ready-made page preferences for books, which you can use to generate a live performance brochure or printout a sophisticated booklet. Then, on the Margins page under Pages, set "Multiple Pages" to Bookfolder. When the document length is longer, you can divide it into several brochures.

Under " Leaves per issue ", choose the number of pages to be produced per issue. After you are done, go to the Page Card and choose the format of the sheet. It is also possible to make it look attractive by creating frames. When you are finished with your order, please verify the printer setting and make sure that the printer on both sides of the page is on.

To have your print system print automatically on both sides, under Settings, switch to Print Single-Sided to Double-Sided. To prevent the second page of each page from being printed the other way round, use the Mirror pages on the shorter side. f Your machine does not automatically print on both sides, use the' Manual print on both sides' checkbox, and guide the pages back to the machine when asked to do so.

Then click on the FILE pushbutton and choose the'Print' item. In a few seconds you can generate a Microsoft Word eBooklet or Book.

Printing brochures in Word (Microsoft Word)

Notice: This document is intended for use with the following Microsoft Word versions: 97, 2000, 2002 and 2003. This tip may not work for you if you are using a newer release (Word 2007 or higher). Click here for a special Word release of this tip:

Brochure in Word. Brochure is a frequent job that many people want to do. Your best way to make a full-featured eBooklet is to use the Word versions you are using. When you use Word 2002 or Word 2003, you're lucky - Word contains built-in features for brochure production.

Perform these procedures to create your document as a brochure: The Page Setup dialogue appears in Word. Use the Borders page in the Page Setup dialogue field. From the Multiple Pages drop-down menu, select Book Folding. If necessary, Word changes the page alignment to horizontal format. Make sure that the borders for your document are adjusted accordingly in the Borders area of the dialogue window.

Your document text is formatted to match the page style you specify. If you are printing your document, you should decide to double page if you have a duplicating machine. Failing this, select the Manual copy option in the Printing dialogue and then guide the pages twice through the printing process.

Previous Word releases (Word 97 and Word 2000) allow you to use a third-party application that creates brochures. No matter what Word you have, you can produce brochures by using your own options. Certain processors process the output of brochures as well.

Consult your printermanual or browse the print driversettings ( (select your print from the Print dialogue and then click Properties) for more information. A good debate about how to print brochures can also be found on this website: This tip (3927) is for Microsoft Word 97, 2000, 2002 and 2003.

Here you can find a copy of this tip for the Word Stripbon API (from Word 2007): Printing brochures in Word. When your Outlook accounts each have more than one account, you can choose which one is used in Word. Use Word's searching and replacement functions to find a wealth of information.

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