How to make a Story of my Life

Making a story out of my life

It was so wrong for me, and I don't want to make another mistake. There's nothing you can do for tomorrow, it's not here yet. You wrote your life story today. Here and now, right now. This is a self-managed book that helps you to make a record of your life, which also helps you to express who you are as a person and how you have become, who you are today.

and 4 hints for writing the story of your own life

I am most afraid that this anxiety will never be conquered by my greatest fears. As you can see, we are living in a culture of creativity. When it' s not in the textbook, we make a new one and release the second one. I' m here to tell you not to put down pretexts.

And you can make the screenplay heated, not boring, full of squalor. The life should not be boring, regardless of the consequences for the later. You wrote your life story today. Almost everyone I happen to be on the streets has a good chance of leading a moderately good life.

To die with the things the earth was not allowed to experience. Attempt to live a life without meaning. No, life isn't drained in a jiffy. Not like this. So the only way to make the life you want is to handle those little seconds as if they were your last. Having an aptitude is a great thing, hiding it from the outside is..... is.... it's just naught.

Unlike what you may think, you don't have to do so many things to have the life you want. Ideas can really revolutionize your life. Specialisation is very important in the realisation of dream. They are the seed used to plants the tree whose root grows deeply into our story and whose foliage sprouts to shed the beauties of our story.

It may be real, but it's not for you. Meaning it's what it always was. A math teacher back in high school told me the story of how he was the first in his familyline to take up a higher level degree. There was no indication of achievement, no commitment to perform.

Dams, desires are usually insane, and that's why most people's desires are that. Your dreaming is overpowering. You are dreaming, so you have to..... make your own testimonials. As you write your life story, you need to get imaginative and develop your own track record of achievement.

You can' t be the only reality about the folks around you. Be inspired by the colors that glow in the universe, in your own universe. Don't ever embrace the only truths, make yours. So what does a man need to make a distinction? It' truely so, if you're not afraid, you have to daydream more.

You should be considered a jerk in the eyes of the whole wide underworld. There' s more to life than you've done, seen and seen. This story is written by just one person-YOU. Nobody can give you the blue print, you have to make yours. Living your life by your own rules.

Ignore the good old times, put down the new, daring times. Do not take to your tomb your own book, idea, invention, business, song, creation, the whole wide globe should have the opportunity to see your beuatif. If I hadn't been borne, what would the earth have been like?

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