How to make a Plot Diagram

Creating a plot diagram

To keep the line straight, press "Shift". Then click on "Insert", select "WordArt" under the Text section and then select a style that you like. Enter "Exposure" in the text box that appears. Plot a story sheet with visual plot diagrams. Plot diagrams help you to see how fiction and drama are organized.

Creating a chart in Microsoft Word

The SmartArt section of Word 2013 contains a number of chart settings that you can use to visualize the relation between things. A plot diagram is not one of these and you must create it yourself. It' not a hard job, as an act is quite easy to understand and always contains exactly the same components: the exposure or the construction, increasing actions - sometimes also referred to as conflicts - culmination, decreasing actions and solutions.

On the Insert page, click Shape, and then under Lines, choose the baseline. In the center of the page, click to the lefthand side to begin the line that should display the exposure, and then pull until you are happy with the length. Repetition step 1, but this drawing a oblique line to show the increasing activity, beginning with the end point of your exposure line upwards.

Repetition steps 1 to plot another oblique line representing the dropping line, beginning with the end point of the ascending line downwards. Repetition steps 1 to create a line that represents the diagram's solution, beginning with the end point of the drop operation. Then click on "Insert", choose "WordArt" under the Text section and then choose a type that you like.

To reduce the size of the text field, click and drag one of the knots. Right-click the line of the text field itself, and then dragging it to the required location. When it does not move, click the symbol to the right of the text field and choose "Behind Text" or "Before Text" under Layout Options.

To make the text smaller, double-click the entire text, then right-click the text and resize it. Right click on the text field and choose "Copy". Right click anywhere on the page and choose the symbol on the lefthand side under Insert Options, "Keep Sourcemark. Mark the text in the field, enter "Rising Action", click and dragging the text field, and then click the pointer above the top center knot to adjust the text so that it is aligned with the line.

Re-purple step 8 to include "Falling Action" on the bottom oblique line and "Resolution" on the level line. Put Climax at the top where climbing actions and dropping actions come together. If you want to describe parts of the display in more detail, click the "Insert" button, choose "Text field" and then click "Simple text field" from the list of available text fields.

To move the text field, click the "Layout Options" symbol to the right of the field and then choose either "Behind Text" or "Before Text". To change the size of the text boxes, click and drag the knots, or click and drag the line of the boxes to move them.

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