How to make a good Book

Making a good book

A good one isn't a good one either. You will learn how to make a good book cover! Here I give secrets about image editing, picture tips and more! Usually when I make these book lists, I don't have a "favorite book". AIce and her adventures let you see things with childlike curiosity.

How'good' is a work?

Exactly how many Fifty Shades of Grey does it take to make a fortress? An Oxfam store in Swansea, South Wales, was given so many undesirable prints of EL James' sexy novel that the employees chose to use them to construct a fortress in the backroom. Formerly the most hot books in the world of publication, Fifty Shades can't be given away in time.

Perhaps finally relieving all the high-profile graduates and disappointed writers - myself among them - whose heart fell when this fictional fans story became the best-selling pocketbook of all times in Britain and sold more than 125 million books worldwide. Was it good?

Reviewer didn't seem to think so, but just as editors will tell you that a good book reviews doesn't necessarily buy them, nor, it seems, do a lot of poor ones hurt the sale of a good one once the dynamic is reached. As a kid, when I heard the Top 40 count down on Sunday night on Sunday night on Radio 1, there was no question that the higher the chart of my favorite single, the better these music was.

The tenth place was quite good, but one that went right to number one in the top four week long was much better. I must have given this theorem a vote sometime, because my older brother once said to me that "just because one track is higher in the dance floor, it is no better than another that is lower down.

" As I heard this message, she agreed that Slade?s Cum On Feel the Noize was still the best track there was back then. What does a good thing about a script - or a movie or a tune? But, of course, as a readership - and as an editorial journalist for a small publishing house - I have my own personal, individual opinions about what is good and what is not so good.

Is Zadie Smith's award-winning White Teeth really that good? 50 shades of grey? I have many interesting soundsing textbooks, but why should I be obligated to do the same ones that everyone else does? Isn' t it really nothing more than a big booking team? It' a frustration for editors who work long and arduously to start new career (they have given up trying to continue their career) when they know that only a small number of publications will make up the overwhelming bulk of our sell.

A first novel by my friend, whose first novel was released in 2015 with a few rave criticisms and bad results, is so disillusioned with all this that he often speaks of taking matters into his own hands. Was the Fifty Shades phenomena part of this issue? So keep big companies publishing best-sellers.

You make a living and keep folks working and maybe, just maybe, there is a trickle-down effect. Gains from large accounts can make it possible to transfer risk to smaller ones. What if we end up with a pile of undesirable textbooks? So long as we keep building new streets (and this is a completely different issue), we will still need undesirable ledgers.

Swansea's red-faced consumer of James's "Mommy Porno" may not have given 2. 5m of Fifty Shades to Oxfam, but a fast computation that studies the photo of the home-like structure that has been twittered around the globe indicates that it will take about 600 of Fifty Shades to build a fortress.

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