How to make a good Book

Making a good book

To have a great story idea to start with help. The point is, I haven't waited to start writing until I have a great place to do it. And he said: Steve, if you want to write a book, write it as if it were your last. " Has she done more harm than good? What's the second best way?

Which are the key factors of a good book?

So what makes a good book? For some, it' easy. Some like actions, some love romantic. One thing all of our readership shares is their powerful opinion of what makes a good book. We cannot allow ourselves as writers to disregard these views. I did another funny (though very unscientific) poll on Twitter and Facebook this weekend to find out what Word Players had to say on the topic.

Who are the essential components of a "good book"? In your opinion, what are the indispensable components of a good book?

How to write a bestseller in 5 stages

I was astonished and very complimentary when McGraw-Hill phoned me a few years ago and asked if I wanted to compose a book. While I knew I had a story to tell, I knew it was a different matter to just make a book.

Will anyone ever reading my book? Would you like to compose a book? Since its release in 2011, Turn Your Dreams into a Licensing Goldmine While Latvia Others Do the Work, has been a top-selling small business marketing product at Amazon. Well, my policy worked, and now I'm going to split it with you.

And he said: Steve, if you want to compose a book, just type it as if it were your last. The first book I wrote about the license contained all the information I sold in an on-line course I created 10 years ago. You' re writing a book. When you want to compose a book, make sure you are strong for what you say.

Create a branding plan long before your book is published. It was my policy to pre-sell the book at Amazon and in Barnes & Noble two month before it was released. I' ve been selling a thousand copies of it. Barnes & Noble gave my book a first-class ranking in their shops as a deed.

To have my book on the table was invaluable. As the book was sold, Amazon sent advertisements about it. We were able to attract the reader to pre-order the book by providing them with a data base that we had built from more than 1,400 businesses that were active in finding products. After the book was published, we used another campaign to increase the sale.

When one of our readers took a photo of himself with the book, we sent him a copy of a free piece of free computer code on how to file a preliminary filing of a pending copyright on it. It' added a lot of value to the book, and we used these images to market it further. It was Tim Ferriss who assisted me by twittering about the book.

When other writers ask you to advertise their book on your own networks, do so. You need all the help you can get when it's convenient to write about your book. Since the book was selling so well when it came onto the shelves, our publishing house was convinced to sell the book and do more PR than they could have done otherwise.

There is no way MSNBC and ABC would have asked me to speak if the book hadn't been sold.

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