How to make a Booklet using word

To create a booklet with one word

On the menu bar, click File -> Page Setup. Use the options on the Insert tab to insert images into the booklet. A number of printers have integrated booklet creation. Re-print using the printer's duplex setting.

Your entire document now uses the "normal style".

To create a double-sided A5 booklet with Word

In the upper menue "File" click on "Page Setup". In the dropdown box "Multiple pages" choose the item "Book fold". Choose the number of pages in the booklet from the drop-down box "Sheets per booklet". In the" Paper" folder, enter "A5" as the paper format of your documents.

Press the "OK" pushbutton to exit the "Page Setup" dialog. Paste contents into the booklet. Ctrl and S to store the booklet.

Creating a booklet with Word 2007

In Microsoft Word 2007, open an empty file. At the bottom of the drop-down box, click "Custom Margins". Choose the'Pages' submenu. Folder adjusts booklet borders and formats pages in landscape mode to fit. Include the contents of the first page of the booklet. You can use the icons in the "Paragraph" group to change the line pitch and line pitch and create an enumeration listing.

In the group "Illustrations" click on "Picture". Choose a filename. After importing, choose the photo to modify it and apply effect. When selecting an item, a Toolset appears on the Ribbon. In order to do this, click on "Clip Art" in the group "Illustrations".

Then click on'Pages' and select'Blank page'. Proceed with the addition of contents for each page of the booklet. Then click'Word Options'. Under' Advanced', browse to' Display contents'. When you are done working on the documents, click on the "Microsoft Office" and "Print" buttons. Plug your computer into the computer and load a piece of hard copy into the machine.

From the Printers dropdown menu, choose your currently loaded device. Check whether the machine can use both sides of the machine. When it is, please refer to your machine owner's guide. Otherwise, select'Manual Duplex' in the'Print' dialogue window. Word 2007 prints the pages on one side of the document and prompts you to turn the page over so that you can use both sides.

Then click on'Print'. When you have all pages folded in the middle.

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