How to make a Booklet in word 2013

Creating a booklet in word 2013

Click File at the top of the Ribbon. Then click the Print button in the menu that opens. Do not let the formatting of brochures hinder your creative processes or your work. It is best to save them as PDF for brochures intended for printing. These tutorials show how to create simple business cards in Word 2013.

Creating an index in Word 2013

One practical function in Word 2013 is the possibility to create an index. The index is a referenced index like a directory, but with more details and at the other end of the paper. The creation of an index in Word is a two-step procedure. First, you have to find the words or words in a file that need to be subscribed.

Secondly, use these reference numbers to create the index for you. The Index group box on the Reference page contains all activities and instructions for the index. Text can be a word or a phrase or any old piece of text. Select the text as a text box.

Click the Select Item pushbutton in the Index group on the Reference page. You reach the Select Index Entries screen. Any text you have chosen in your documents is displayed in the field Master record. In the Select Index Entries window, enter a sub-item (optional). This sub-item illustrates the principal-item.

This is particularly useful if the primary item is a wide subject. Either click the Select or the Select All buttons. If you want to select only those entities that you think are most useful to the user, use the Select tool. You can use the Select All pushbutton to find and select all entities of the text in your documents and generate an index for each.

If you select an index item, Word enables the View/Hide function, which displays signs such as blanks, sales markers, and tab pages in your documents. Proceed with your scroll and search for material that you can include in the index. You can still add your index in the Select Index Entries dialogue box:

Just highlight text in the file, and then click the Mark Index Entry dialogue field. Your text will appear in the Main Entry field. To proceed with the index structure, click the Mark or Mark all buttons. When you are finished, click the Exit Buttons. Click on the "Select index entry" icon.

Once you have selected all of the text to be included in the index, the index is created in the next screen. To begin the index on a new page, you must make a new page in Word. The index should be placed at the end of your paper, as the readers expect.

From the Index group on the Reference page, select the Add Index pushbutton. You access the Index screen. If you select the Column option, Word will tell you how many column widths the index should be. Use the OK pushbutton to add the index to your documents. Of course, the index must be refreshed when you go back and modify your work.

Then, select the Update Index from the Index group. Word immediately refreshes the index to refer to new page numbers and includes new selected indexes. You are welcome to enter a title for the index, as Word does not do this for you. MorphoString sets the index into a separate section of the documents using consecutive section break.

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