How to make a Booklet in word 2010

Creating a booklet in Word 2010

We will create a 6" x9" PDF for printing, but you can easily resize the document. Is it possible to force Office Word 2010 to display Hebrew from left to right? I am using Microsoft Office 2010. but you can use them for anything. Preview Print To the Print tab, as in Microsoft Word 2010 for Windows.

Creating a booklet in Word for a Mac

The booklet is a good size if you need more room than a booklet, but don't have enough information to fill a whole work. There is no brochure print function in Microsoft Word for Mac 2008. Previous Word for Mac releases had restricted assistance and leave many unfortunate visitors in awe.

Luckily, Mac OS X customers have a simple Word work-around. The following introductory guide will guide you through the creation of your booklet in two stages. First you can reprint your Word documents as PDF, then you can reprint your booklet on hardcopy. From the Apple Downloads page, please select Create Booklet 1.1 and click Install:

The free program installs an Automator action in your main Quick Start Guide to turn your Word documents into a booklet. Generate a new empty Word workbook. Then click on "File" and choose "Page Setup". Use the" Page Setup" dialog to adjust the page format to the format of the booklet you want to use.

Then click on "View" and choose "Print layout". Create your booklet like any other Word file. A page in Word corresponds to one page of your booklet. Click on "File" in Word and then on "Print" from the appearing menue. In the " Word Print " dialog field, find the "PDF" icon in the lower lefthand part of the window.

Then click on "PDF" and choose "Create brochure". The preview opens with your booklet file as well. Click on "File" and choose "Save" from the appearing menue. Preview your booklet by pressing "File" and choosing "Print" from the displayed menue. When your machine is capable of double-sided printout on both sides of a sheet:

Choose "Layout" from the drop-down list under Alignment Settings. Under" Double-sided", select" Shortwide binding". When your machine does not accept dual printing: Choose "Paper Handling" from the drop-down list under the alignment settings. You can use the Pages to be printed option to manual printout the booklet's even and uneven pages.

First, you must reprint the uneven pages, then you must send the hard copy back to the printers to reprint the even pages on the empty page of the uneven pages that have already been reprinted.

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