How to make a Booking App

To create a booking application

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Can I create a hotel booking application?

And if you wonder how to make a booking app, you've come to the right place! Don't forgetting those who are interested in booking a room in a luxury resort all year round. Why a Hotelbookings-App? However, do we really need portable applications for a reservations branch when we can get all the work done by our own travelling agents?

So what does it mean for hospitality and business people ( "and if you are one of them")? Make a Hotelbookings-App! There are a few things you need to consider before you start creating an app. Continue to find out 3 different kinds of accommodation applications, the MVP feature lists and our estimate!

You should think about the app design before you start developing a booking application. Generally there are 3 different ways to develop your ideas behind developing the app. You can either generate a booking aggregate; an app for your own hotelier chains; or both. It is the most commonly used way of making reservations.

This app is linked to as many on-line booking tools as possible, so that when a visitor searches for accommodations, they get a consistent listing of accommodations, but with multiple pricing choices from different booking sites. Once they have chosen the most suitable booking site, they are often directed to the website of the relevant booking site.

Some of the best practices in this area are and Hotellook. Renowned hotels often use this method. In addition, these applications usually have much more functions than just booking. You can also express your particular wishes during your visit - for example, a towel, a jar of juices or additional cushions whenever you need them.

You can also create a booking application with the hybride application. This means that you will be able to combine the best on-line booking service offerings with those of your own group. In fact, this is the best option for those who are just starting their own businesses.

Firstly, you draw many people in and receive the added revenue. At the same time, you can raise your market profile by offering some added value to the hotels in your group. A further important problem that you should resolve before you develop your own booking application is the definition of an operative area of your company.

As more accommodations your app offers, more people will be happy with it. However, if you still choose a booking application for your own hotel, it makes sense to launch on site. This way you can receive early feedback from first-time customers and turn your app into an almost portable piece of work.

Irrespective of your selection, each booking software should contain a number of fundamental functions. Your tenants should find a suitable room before booking. It' s mad to have them checked for hundreds of millions or even hundreds of thousand of available accommodations! To make the entire booking procedure as quick and simple as possible, the user should be able to select a number of search criteria.

Usually there are 3 settings that the user can select at the first setout: place (a town he will visit); date (a span of days between arrivals and departures); number of people (they are usually classified as adults/children/pets). Here you can see all properties that correspond to your query.

Speaking of developing hospitality apps, you can use filtering to define an accessible pricing margin, a minimal customer evaluation and so on. Our clients may want to see the lowest priced option first or begin to choose from the highest rated properties. An in-app card is another great function that can be useful to your people.

This shows the position of all of your properties in the desired town. It is a beautiful and inexpensive lodging resort. Summary - contains all the essential information about a property (such as addresses, check-in and check-out times, etc.). Accomodation deals - a listing of available rooms with photographs, description and rates.

Valuations - a set of evaluations from other people. Maps - shows the position of the property and its area. Profiles are another important characteristic of a booking application, since they store all information about a particular person and their postings. In addition, customers can view their personal rebates or their booking histories and current transactions.

We will continue to offer you a number of useful design utilities. You can use the following utilities to build a booking application: You can use the ZUMATA Booking or Expedia Affiliate Network API to fill your application with accommodations. The Olery Hospitality Review Data and TripAdvisor Content API offer easy acces to evaluations and review.

The Google Places application programming interface is used to provide information about shops, cafes and other important places that are sometimes necessary for the users to select a property. isi. There is another useful application programming interface in it. But you still need to sign up for the service of a hospitality app developer because you need the developer and designer to do all the work.

How much does it take to create a booking app? On this occasion, when we estimated the evolution of our booking applications, we chose to leave out the back-end part, as it can vary considerably according to the approach you use. So today we will focus more on the front-end part, in a nutshell, on applications for iPhone and Android that are viewable to people.

When you have an offer for a booking, please let us know and we will give you a more precise and precise quote! Up to now we have only talked about how much you need to pay to create a booking app. What can you do with such an app?

It is the "easiest" way to make a living and, to be frank, to discourage people. Usually, people will be paying a flat rate for booking a service so they can get to your application sooner because they know that there are no implied charges. Another option, however, is to collect a provision from a property for each client who has reserved a room there via your app.

In addition, advertisements can also be useful for the user, as they provide information about promotions, current shows, rebates, etc. But remember, there is no simpler way to hating an app than to flood it with exaggerated publicity. After payment for a top-of-the-range app, however, the user has full control over the game.

You can, for example, reserve a room without advance payment or receive a 100% indemnity bond if the booking is cancelled. In turn, this scheme imply that the user receives some preference each months by payment of a set amount of cash. He may remove all advertisements from the app, get the best listings and the largest listings sooner than other people, and so on.

Encouraging people to buy a long-lasting plan by providing them with rewarding rates. If this is the case, the hotelier will either pay for the placement in your app (which is not efficient, so we do not suggest you make this choice) or for some additional functions (e.g. a permit to post more photos).

Doing so allows you to successfully competing with big names like, and others because your rates are lower for the user (as they do not involve fees from the hotels). Let's take a look at two popular booking applications and find out how they have been implementing some of the above functions.

Hotel-look is the giver app that works with over 80 on-line booking services and serves more than 760,000 establishments in 205 states. It can either suggest convenient accommodations for quick reservations or give you access to in-depth information about worldwide hotel bookings.

In addition to other remarkable functions (which you can take into account when developing your application), there are more: In-depth descriptions that include light, high-quality photographs, user ratings and above all a price list with several offerings from different booking schemes. is very different from the Hotellook app. You will not be redirected to the on-line booking service and will be able to make all your payment directly in the app.

It is, however, remarkable for a number of specific functions that can be useful when you choose to create a hospitality booking app: You will receive 1 free overnight stay at any available resort for every 10 overnight stays you book with this app. app has an in-app card with the most popular sights of the town that you are visiting.

Explore the monitors and use them as a base for your hotelbook! Developing a hotelbookings app seems like a good plan for a launch in 2017. Begin by selecting a commercial strategy and then move on to the design phase (don't ignore the feature list in our MVP list).

We' re glad to help you with the design of your application for your hotels. Tell us your ideas and we will give you an offer within 24h. Appreciate your booking app!

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