How to make a Book Step by Step

Making a book step by step

A step-by-step guide to making and binding a book with the simple Japanese bookbinding trick, in which a single volume holds everything together. It is particularly suitable for counting books. Directions are written for three sheets of paper, which gives you six steps. Any number of two or more can be used. Here you will find step-by-step instructions for the production of a children's book with building paper.

Binding a book: a 10-step tutorial

Nowadays, in a highly imaginative setting where advertising materials are sent as a routine e-mail message in the format of a computer generated document, a hand-made self-portrayal book can be a cost-effective, individual and one-off option to help you set yourself apart. With this InDesign guide, I'll show you how to create a book in a few simple step.

You will also find an illustration of the stitching technology we used to create this product in the Slides. First of all, create the page layout of your book in InDesign by generating a new one. Also make sure the "Facing Pages" checkbox is checked so that you can see your theme as a spreading.

If you are finished printing, you should save your PDF and select Use bleed and bleed margin settings under Markers and Bleed allowances. When the pages are in the right order, line the top to highlight the top and bottom areas between the trim lines, and use a scalpels to intersect the inner side trim lines nearest to the back.

Make a line from top to bottom, 5 mm from the back - the sides are embroidered here. Hold the pricker as upright as possible when puncturing the sides to facilitate sewing. Use a book binding pin and a cloth yarn four time the page size to make the pages.

Insert your needles by puncturing and tightening the yarn 1 cm from the end instead of binding a noose. Start at the central perforation, slide the pin up through the back of your sides and leave a 10 cm long loosely twisted suture. Walk around the back and go up through the same opening by grabbing the loosely threaded string to hold the sides.

Walk to the next one in both directions, pull your pin down, around and up again, then on to the next one. Continue this procedure to the end and then weaving the yarn back along the length to the middle so that it extends along the spinal column on both sides.

On the central opening, continue this procedure along the second half of the book. Finish at the central opening and fasten with the loosely twisted yarn. Trim the rest of the yarn approx. 1 cm from the knots. You are now prepared to stick together the spinal column. Put your book between two neat planks - or a few heavier ones - to flatten your pages and make sure your back is slightly protruding.

Use a brush to apply a thin coat of PVA adhesive (diluted with a shot of water) to the back and allow to cure for 20 mins. Be careful that the adhesive does not accumulate around the edges of the pages, as this may prevent the pages from opening. Once the back is clean, take it out of your book press and use the scalpels to cut off the surplus staple.

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