How to make a Book Report

To create a book report

You'll read a book every quarter. There is no book you can report that:. To understand how to write a book report that transforms the relentless effort invested in higher education work into positive results. Before you read it, what did you think the book was about? Make a book cover with illustrations, a tempting synopsis, an author's biography and cheap reviews.

Instructions for the book report

You' ll be reading a book every three months. Book must be at least 100 pages long (from the letter without counted pictures). They can' make a book report about a book that: Each book report consists of two parts. That is why there are two scores for each book report.

Part of the book report is a paper report. Other part is an verbal speech that you give in front of the group. You will find the directions for each part of the report below. You can either type or handwrite your book report. You can, but need not have it in a report directory.

A verbal book review is one that you hold in front of the group. You MUST do the following things to get a "C" on the book report: Please describe the characteristics of the protagonist(s). Indicate the book settings. Describe the issue that the protagonist (s) in the game had.

Submit your thoughts on the book. Her report should be no less than two and no more than five of them. In order to get a better score than a "C", take a thoughtful way to present the book to your schoolmates. Disguise yourself and give the report as if you were the protagonist who tells what to you.

Disguise yourself and tell the tale as if you were one of the side actors in the tale and tell what you experienced with the protagonist. Submit your report as a news anchor and present the film to a broad television public. The most important thing to be remembered is probably PRAXIS, PRAXIS, PRAXIS, PRAXIS!

Then, do your report several time in front of different members of your familiy and ask them for proposals on how you could do better. If so, let us advise you and continue practicing!

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