How to know when a Book was Published

When a book was published, how do you know?

In this field, the date on which the output of the listed ISBN was published is specified. The publication date can usually be found on the copyright page of a book. Check the title page to see if you can find a date. For some books, mostly newer ones, you will find a print date directly under the title. Browse through the book to see if you can find a date that is listed somewhere in the book, especially at the bottom of the pages.

Quotations - Ensuring the date of a book's release

I' m practising quoting and I'm currently stalled on release deadlines. We use this book to explain my problem: Title pages indicate the copyrights date as three different years, of which I have no clue how to interprete them (see picture below). Browse on Google, and I found this on Amazon indicating the date of August 10, 2010 release.

I can see " 2011" on the publishing house's website. Will I have to make an assumption when I take the date, e.g. the first date from copyrights, without being sure that it is the right one? While I know I can get in touch with the editor and ask, it seems (a) a great deal of work and (b) it's rather unlikely I'll get an answer.

I' d like to know if there are any hints to make sure that the book is published correctly. All three data you see are the years in which the copyrights were updated. You' re probably just looking for the latest of these data, because this is the issue of the book you're working with.

Notice that it can be more complicated than that - output and copyrights date are not always the same - but it is definitely good enough for quotes. The best way is to look up the book in WorldCat, which (because it contains data sets from tens of thousand of libraries) probably contains different data sets for each issue of the book.

If you look at the first available notes, you can see a 1990 copyrighted date for the first issue of the book, which is probably near enough to the release date to please an educator or editorial. Actually, the issue you should quote is.

WorldCat' consent (although not unanimously; poor recordings sometimes creep in) is the response to the date of the 2011 Noah. Publishing houses often falsify the copyrights data by stating one year later than the actual year of release. For example, see this reply, or seeogle for" publishing date vs. copyrights date".

It is very likely that the book was published in 2010.

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