How to know the Publisher of a Book

Knowing the editor of a book

There the publisher and the publication date are always listed. You will find the publisher's address and the contact person there. It is important that we are informed of any delays as soon as possible so that we can make a new appointment.

To find the publisher of a book for a quote

As soon as you have this, go to and perform your quest. Or you can use this website to look for authors' names or book titles. Find it on Amazon. There the publisher and the date of publishing are always mentioned. If the book is not on Amazon, it is either very old or very arcane.

They can justogle them. As a rule, the publisher is located at the bottom of the cover page and/or on the back of the cover page.

As a rule, you also need the place of publishing, which is on the back.

International Register of Publishers | International ISBN Agency

It contains all information provided by local ISBN agents on publishing houses in their own country and territory.

In addition to those publishing houses that have been given their own "block allocation" of ISBNs, the Global Registry also lists casual and authors publishing houses that may only have been allocated one or two ISBNs (provided these dates were provided by the respective ISBN agency). Everyone can easily research the information and the registry displays fundamental information about the publisher.

Global Registry contains information on over one million ISBN codes and publishing houses. Further information on the registry can be found here.

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