How to I Write a Book

What is the best way to write a book?

Have I got what it takes to write a book? Writing a book Some time ago I brazenly asked for suggestions for blogs, and Sarah Tormey (I think?) proposed that I should write about how my editing processes have been changing since I started to write romantic. I' m currently working on my sixth novel (without the novella). It'?

s my speed.

I am a relatively slower author than many others. After 5-6 month periods, this has means that I have to be very strict and write almost every single workday. Obviously I am bound to be left behind - and I can write 4 or 5,000 words in a single word, if necessary.

In my view, I have a tendency to create a rather relaxed story that is essentially lined up around a set of "moments" that I am heading for (turning points, I guess you could call them). However, the connection between points A, B, C, etc. usually develops during typing. It' s been a long time since I added an article to this "How I Write a Book" section.

I' ve really written a book in the meantime. It was just beginning to make me a little supersticious about it in my blog before the book was actually released. I' m creating a long, extensive story that doesn't square off. Next move would be (drumroll, please )...... write the book.

Until I sat down to write chapters one, I thought about it for a while. Okay, so back to this whole "How I write a book" show. Lessee, I was blogging about thought and "moments" and asked for research and imaginative auditions for my people.

I' ve got personalities, a hazy story around these "moments", and I've begun my research. There is a very important race horse in the book that I make a fictitious "great-grandson" of the renowned horse Eclipse. That would be the third part of my little show "How to write a book"; click on the day below for all.

This is the point in my trial where I have personalities. I' ve got this combination of "moments" that I believe I can go through with an action. This is a matter for a novelist of historic romanticism, at least for this author of historic romantic research. So last weeks blog about how my novel making begins with month-long thought, and that usually thought begins with the protagonists.

As soon as I have these two characters in my head, even in a very blurred, shady shape, I think of the next "moments". I' m not sure why, but this is how I plan a book. There are no big stories that come to my head during all those long strolls and long baths, I get (as I called it) "moments".

I feel like I just have to write that sequence in the book. The chaotic process, step one: Thought. I' ve been doing a lot of thinkin'. Thought a lot and a lot. For this book, my forth, I've been considering these people and their stories for at least 8 or 9 month while I was in the process of composing book two.

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